If you’ve been in Malta for more than a week then you’ll have realised by now that it doesn’t take the Maltese much to get celebrating – which means that you can bet that we’re pros when it comes to celebrating something as colossal as New Year’s Eve!


In fact, there are options to suit everybody, no matter their preference. Whether you’re into partying, concerts, or anything else, it’s not too late to find your ideal NYE location. If this is your first time celebrating the foray into a new year in Malta, we definitely recommend going to the national NYE celebrations in our capital city, Valletta!

Taking place between 8.30 pm to 2 am, there’s plenty happening before and after the special midnight mark. That’s exactly what you’d expect from an event collaborated on by two organisations that are outstanding in their own ways: G7 Events and the Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture Foundation. These two groups have also teamed up with the Ministry for Tourism, the Valletta Local Council, and even the Ministry of Culture.

Sticking to the traditions set in previous years, the event is taking place in St George’s Square and will also free of charge, meaning that your wallet won’t take a beating from the high spending expectations that often come with the night!

Saving on costs shouldn’t (and thankfully definitely isn’t) the only reason why you should attend. Here is a list of the happenings you can look forward to on the night, although don’t be surprised if even more features are announced in the coming days!




NYE wouldn’t be NYE without good music you can dance to – and if the music is live then it gets even better! The night will feature a roster of some of Malta’s most celebrated artists, including Kevin Borg, Glen Vella, The Crowns, Musique and more.

There will also be DJs, namely Clint Bajada and Pierre Cordina, who will give you the chance to let loose even further.

For a more sophisticated but no less excited segment, you can immerse yourself in the vibes of a symphony of musicians selected from the Orchestra Philharmonic Malta, conducted by Sigmund Mifsud.

Projections and Fireworks

The inclusion of fireworks and firecrackers really goes without saying. The Maltese are the kind of people you can expect to set off fireworks in celebration of afternoon tea, so the NYE fireworks display is guaranteed to be huge and stunning.

There will be other visual shows to keep an eye out for, though, including a 3D venture projection made by the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts that will actually be running from the 23rd of December up until the new year. This show will be projected on the façade of the Grandmaster’s Palace.


The star of the show here is definitely going to be G7’s audiovisual countdown, complete with pyrotechnics!




Two of Malta’s most popular comedians, Pawlu Borg Bonaci and Gianni Zammit will come together as a duo to help you enter 2017 in stitches! There’s no way we can guess what to expect from the dynamic pair, except that it’s bound to be cheeky! Both people are known for their musical prowess too, so we’re definitely hopeful for a side-splitting musical number.

All in all, the Valletta NYE celebrations are not the only option this year – far from it – but if you want to do NYE Maltese style on a national level, this is the way to do it. With a combination of all the things we love the most about NYE, including music, fireworks, and comedy, Valletta is going to provide the whole package this year.

Plus, we guarantee that you’re going to meet a massive amount of people!


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