Though the coming of 2017 marks the dawn of a new year, it also marks the realisation that the for the next few months, we can expect the peak of Malta’s cold weather. Of course, it’s hard to really complain about the cold in Malta, since we don’t reach sub-zero temperatures as other countries do.

It does indeed get chilly – but rather than complain, we should celebrate the weather by enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and tasty treat from one of Malta’s cosiest cafés!


For anyone who is a fan of warm drinks and the like, Malta is quite the paradise. Many cafés here understand the art of making a satisfying cup of love – and what could be better than enjoying a cup of love, paired with a toasty snack, in a cosy setting?

Of course, the list of places we’ve included here is by no means intended to denounce the myriad other cafés that can tickle your taste buds just as well!

Café Jubilee

Located in both Valletta, Gzira, and Victoria (Gozo), Café Jubilee has become quite the franchise since its beginnings in 1998. Known for its chique décor, there’s a very swing-era feel to this café which is hard not to be enchanted by. Café Jubilee often hosts live acoustic music too, which never fails to add to the ambiance!

We’re also huge fans of the food – there’s everything from delicious sandwiches, pasta, and an array of other options.

Molly’s Café
A much more recent venue, Molly’s Café quickly made waves for one particular reason – its pancakes!


Though Molly’s serves an array of tantalising desserts (and great coffee too, of course), its pancakes soon became the stuff of legend. With staples like Red Velvet pancakes, and seasonal ones like Mince Pie pancakes, it’s not hard to see why! Don’t forget to stop here during your next visit to Mosta!

Il-Kikkra Café

Il-Kikkra is an old favourite Valletta stop, and definitely is one of the cafés on this list that does cosiness best. In fact, sitting at Il-Kikkra can be a bit of a tight squeeze, but if you can find a place when it’s not too crowded, the visit will be quite the treat.

Speaking of treats, Il-Kikkra is known for its delicious snacks. Essentially, they’re baked versions of the food you’d find at pastizzi vendors, so you get double the deliciousness and half the guilt. Our favourite offering is the meat pie, by far!

Café Cordina

Café Cordina certainly doesn’t need our endorsement, but we’re recommending them anyway because its service definitely lives up to its fantastic reputation.


This is another Valletta café, but is undoubtedly one of the most popular around the island! Aside from the obviously great food and coffee, patrons can enjoy live jazz every Thursday at the Piazza Regina.


Fontanella is the most well-known café in Imdina, and it’s so easy to see why. There are so many reasons why a trip to Fontanella is a must for anybody in Malta. For starters, you will have an impeccable view of the Maltese islands, if you sit upstairs. It’s a gorgeous sight.

The food menu is also very good, with a great range of sandwiches and pizzas to choose from. However, the crowning jewel of the Fontanella menu is definitely its famous chocolate cake, which is possibly half the reason for the café’s great reputation.


Talbot & Bons

Talbot & Bons is located at the Malta International Airport, making it a worthy consideration as a place to refuel right before or after boarding a flight! That being said, this is definitely a café that commands your attention. It’s stylish and modern, and is full of spectacular boutique products you won’t find anywhere else in Malta, including beer, chocolates, and juices.


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