We just wrote an article on the upcoming Vodafone Malta Marathon, which would explain why we’ve got fitness on the brain!

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Joking aside, the Vodafone Malta Marathon is going to provide a great opportunity to exercise for an even greater cause – but that’s a one-time, annual affair that lasts a few hours. If you’re gaining interest in making working out a more permanent part of your lifestyle, you’ll want to check out some of the places in Malta that are most equipped to make you sweat.

The places we’ve chosen for this article all have different price points for different durations of membership, and with many of these options you can even pay for a single visit. This means that you can get started on your fitness routine even if you’re only staying in Malta for a short while. You could be leaving the island tomorrow, and you’d still have time to squeeze in a workout!

We also tried to find places that could offer you a variety of workout options. The most conventional thing to do when looking to get fit is to find a well-equipped gym that has a mixed selection of cardio and weight machines. We’ve certainly packed in quite a few gyms here, but we’ve also got a few alternatives if you’re looking for something a tad different. Although, it’s really essential to keep in mind that nowadays gyms tend to be quite varied, and often offer all sorts of fitness classes.
24/7 Fitness Club (Mellieha, St Paul’s Bay, San Gwann, Ta’ Qali, Santa Lucia)

As you might have noted, getting a membership with the 24/7 Fitness Club is a great option for anyone who might be in Malta for a relatively long period of time, or for anyone who happens to travel around the island a lot.
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You can use your membership at all of the five localities they’ve set up at. Apart from localities, you also get access to quite a few facilities, including a gym, free classes, and saunas (where available). The best part, of course, is that it’s true to its name – you can visit any one of these gyms whenever you like, even if you crave a workout at 5am!

YUE (Naxxar)

YUE is the place to sign up if you really want a chance to try out everything. Is a regular gym not enough for you? That’s fine – with YUE you can also get personal trainer services, an array of classes (such as yoga and Pilates), and pool facilities that include lap training, hydrotherapy and more. There’s even a gym for kids, and pre and post-natal exercises classes. Need we go on?

We haven’t even touched upon the treatment and consultancy services, with nutrition and physiotherapy being just a few of the services offered.

Sky Spirit (Luqa)

Sky Spirit is one of those gym centres that is so comprehensive that you really can’t complain about it at all. This health centre prides itself on a mix of traditional as well as more unique equipment that offers custom workouts to people of all levels of fitness. Since it’s located in Luqa, it’s a wonderful option for anyone who lives closer to the south of Malta. It’s actually quite close to the airport – do you have the stamina to sneak a workout in before your next flight?

Pilates Centre (St George’s Bay)

If you want to get healthier without resorting to conventional offerings, Pilates might be for you. A form of exercise that relies on core strength, Pilates is known for significantly reducing back problems and other kinds of physical pain.

The Pilates Centre is located in the Marina hotel at the Corinthia beach resort. You can opt for a number of class layouts, including one-on-one, one-on-two, or group classes with up to eight participants.

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Zumba with Wesley and Ilona (San Gwann, Gozo)

If you ever thought that workouts should be more like dance parties, Zumba may be for you. Both hailing from The Netherlands, Wesley and Ilona organise a series of classes (in various locations, although mostly at the San Gwann primary school) that they claim will help you lose weight without any of dread that comes with conventional exercising. A huge plus is that anyone aged 12 onwards is encouraged to take part in the fun!

Westin Dragonara (St Julian’s)

If you really want an upper-end solution to get your workout regime in motion, you might want to check out any offerings that a 4 or 5-star resort  might have (you generally won’t have to be staying at the hotel to work out there).

The Westin Dragonara is just one example of a fitness centre that will make sweating feel like a luxury. Here, you’ll get access to a gym, tennis court, sauna, indoor pool, and Jacuzzi. Working out probably never felt this good.


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