This weekend is going to be bursting with Carnival related activities, but with so much noise and bustle in the streets we wouldn’t be surprised if you were looking for an alternative. If you’re set on a slightly different show, we’ve got a suggestion for you – how about you check out a Pro Wrestling match?


We’re willing to bet that quite a few people aren’t even aware that Malta has such an active wrestling scene, and this would be understandable since the first event organised by Pro Wrestling Malta only took place in 2015. Since then, the group has been going strong and Hail to the King, taking place on the 25th of February at the Montekristo Estates, is just another event in a series of events set to put Malta on the map as a wrestling hub.


Pro Wrestling Malta might be relatively new as an organisation, but that does not mean they’re subpar. If you want proof of this, you only need to check out the following video, which is a montage of clips from a previous wrestling event. It’s easy to get a feel of the Pro Wrestling Malta approach, which to us seems modelled on the more famous TV wrestling programs like WWE and RAW. In other words, you can expect a blend of good old fashioned wrestling with a substantial chunk of that cheesy banter thrown in for good measure. What more could you ask for?

Don’t expect a cheap soap opera, though. Names like Gianni Valletta and Glamorous Roddy might make you smile, but all of the wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling Malta roster have had plenty of training. Gianni Valletta, for example, spent many years wrestling in the UK. He’s also the main trainer of the Pro Wrestling Malta Academy, located in Zurrieq (If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to wrestle, this is the place to check out).

One of the reasons why Hail to the King is looking to be so exciting is that it will be hosting quite a few international wrestlers from all over the world, including Rob Cage (UK), Red Scorpion (Italy), ‘Sensei of Chops’ Kenzo Richards (Netherlands), ‘The Don’ Francesco Messina (Sicily), and ‘The Super Human’ Lance Lawrence (whose country of origin is currently listed as unknown).

In fact, the main event of the evening is going to be a special match between Gianni Valletta and Red Scorpion. Pro Wrestling Malta are being somewhat secretive about the details of this match, stating only that stipulations of the match are in the hands of Red Scorpion, so there’s a strong mystery element that has us intrigued.

If you need more information about the event, you can check out the Facebook event page ( or visit the official Pro Wrestling Malta website ( Tickets can be purchased online and will be slightly cheaper than at the door. Kids under the age of 5 (yes, this is a family event!) go in for free while adults can choose a few ticket options ranging from €12.50 – €20 (online prices) or €15 to €22 (door prices).

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