Located in the North East part of Malta, Buġibba is definitely known for its charm. It’s one of those areas that saw rapid development in the 1960s, and quickly became a major attraction in the islands.

That being said, we feel like this particular village isn’t always given its due attention. It’s easy to overlook Buġibba, with so many other wonderful spots in Malta, but Buġibba isn’t a discount Paceville or Sliema. Rather, we’ll happily argue that Buġibba is one of the loveliest and most versatile places in Malta. Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s a list of all the activities you can pack in a trip to Buġibba (actually, scratch that – you might need five or six separate trips to squeeze everything in!).

Don’t blame us if you fall in love with this quaint town! Well, if you really can’t help it, why not stay here on your trip to Malta? Check out some great accommodation options here and here.

N.B.: Because these villages are so connected, this article will also include attractions from the Qawra, Salina, and St. Paul’s Bay areas.

Hang out at the village square

The Buġibba square is an iconic part of the village. Though small, it’s an excellent place to sit down, unwind, and have a chat while soaking in the sea-salty air. The square also surrounds lots of neighbouring cafes and restaurants that you can visit when you get thirsty or peckish.

Go scuba diving


Buġibba is essentially a seaside village, and that’s not something that you can easily ignore considering that the wonderful sea breeze will follow you everywhere you turn. If you want to take your experience with the sea a step further, though, you might want to visit one of the many scuba diving centres you can find around the village!


Grab a bite to eat

From fish and chips, to meaty burgers, to classic pub food, to Indian cuisine, and more, you can really find it all at Buġibba. It’s very hard to scout the village for a proper bite to eat and not find the right eatery for you. Once you’ve filled your stomach with savoury goodness, a Buġibba dessert is a must – we recommend getting an ice cream from one of the many exquisite gelaterias in the area.


Walk along the seafront

This one is pretty self-explanatory – we’ve already raved about the Buġibba sea about three times in this article, but you won’t understand how serene it really is unless you visit it first-hand. If the weather’s good enough (and considering that spring it just around the corner it should be) you can even walk down to one of the rocky beach areas and relax there – or even take a quick swim if you’re so inclined.


Look for megalithic ruins

This is a Buġibba secret of sorts, but the Dolmen hotel in the Qawra area is actually built around ancient megalithic findings. The placement is a little awkward, but it sure makes for an intriguing few minutes of your time.

Visit the Classic Car Museum

If you’re still in the Qawra area, the Classic Car museum is a must for vehicle enthusiasts. The collection here spans over 50 years and includes Austins, Jaguars, Triumps, Ferraris, and more.
Visit the Bird Park

Everyone loves birds! The Bird Park in Salina is great for kids and adults alike, and will make any animal-lover’s heart melt. Apart from the vast array of birds, you’ll also find some other kinds of animals here.

Visit the Malta National Aquarium

The Aquarium is arguably a little farther away from Buġibba but is still close enough in the area to pay a visit so long as you’re on an animal-viewing tour. The impressive collection here includes all varieties of fish, amphibians and even reptiles!


Watch a film

The Empire cinema in Buġibba means that a great family-friendly option is always available!

Enjoy the Nightlife

On the other hand, you’ll want to leave the kids at home if you decide to spend your weekend night out in Bugibba. There are plenty of bars, pubs, clubs, and even karaoke bars to choose from. If you want to party without the huge crowds you’ll get at Paceville and similar areas, Buġibba is definitely your best bet.

Go gambling

That’s right, Buġibba has a few options if you enjoy wagering money to win money. The biggest hit by far here is the Oracle casino, which is the place to be if you want a huge choice of slot games, blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and so on.


Another option is to check out the Fairplay Bingo Hall, which is the largest Bingo Hall in Malta. With a total of 55 tables, this is the best to be for a communitarian gambling experience.




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