In this age of political correctness, some people might think that celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Malta is more or less cultural appropriation. It’s not a Maltese tradition by any stretch of the imagination – so why do we hit the pubs year after year?

There’s no easy way to answer this question. Well, actually that’s not quite true – the simple answer is that in Malta, just like in most countries, it’s just another excuse to down a pint. Celebrating this Irish day provides an opportunity to drink with friends, and we’ll happily take it!

On the other hand, it does lead one to wonder how many of the holidays and traditions that are now universal, or at least central to Western society, originated from one specific country or part of the world and expanded exponentially (don’t worry, folks, this is as philosophical an article on drinking is going to get from our end). So there’s that!

That being said, we’re well aware that St Patrick’s is always going to be an Irish tradition, and the Maltese definitely don’t mean to belittle anybody’s culture by joining in the festivities.  Still, a pint is a pint.


Plus (and this is a big plus), Malta has an abundance of really authentic Irish Pubs (many of them owned by people who are, you know, Irish). Considering our connection with the UK, it’s not really surprising that there’s no shortage of British bars, but this article will specifically be looking at a few of the top Irish bars in Malta to visit this Saint Patrick’s Day. Before you eagerly wear your favourite green clothes and head out on March 17th, do keep in mind that if you want to get a good spot at any of these bars, you’re going to have to think ahead!


The Dubliner, St. Julian’s

The Dubliner is easily one of the more popular Irish pubs in Malta, and it’s easy to see why. The pub was launched in 2004, when there was a relative lack of Irish bars on the island. It would be unfair to say that The Dubliner has only made it because it was one of the first on the scene, though. This pub has the whole package, from décor, to its selection of drinks, and of course its incredible Irish pub food menu.

Ryan’s Irish Pub, St. Julian’s

Though technically an Irish Pub, Ryan’s is usually associated with crowds of partying youngsters. If you feel like getting wild this St Patrick’s day, Ryan’s is definitely the place to consider!

Cork’s Irish Pub, St. Julian’s

‘How many Irish Pubs are there in St. Julian’s?’, you must be wondering. The answer is ‘plenty’.

‘Don’t they get boring?’, we hear you follow-up. The answer is ‘nope’.


Cork’s isn’t just another Irish Pub, though. Its patrons love it particularly for its frequent live music, so be on the hunt for that on the 17th of March!

The Drayton’s Pub, St Julians

What’s better than an Irish Pub? How about an Irish Pub with a Billiard table?

That’s really most of what can be said about Drayton’s Pub in a nutshell, though it definitely is a fun place to be. Drink Guinness. Play pool. Go crazy.

O’Reilly’s Irish Pub, Bugibba

If you want more of a sit down experience with great food to boot, but want to avoid the whole St Julian’s area, one great option is O’Reilly’s in Bugibba. Their generous portions mean that there’s no way you can scoff down their food and remain unsatisfied.


Plus, if you’re not really in the mood for beer (which is somewhat sacrilegious considering the date), you could always opt for one of their many cocktail options.


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