The Segway has been around since 2001, even though it feels like a very new invention Perhaps that’s because Segways were never a huge trend in Malta – though you would find them in the streets here and there you could never exactly find hundreds of people travelling around on them at a go. Which really begs the question: what make a Segway Tour an appealing in 2017?

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The truth is that Segways have a lot of potential for touring purposes that is only beginning to be untapped now, at least in Malta. The advantages are undeniable. Take the fact, for example, that Segways aren’t particularly fast, reaching a max speed of 12 miles an hour.  ‘Wait’, you might be wondering. ‘How is that an advantage?’ Let’s put it this way – it forces you to appreciate your surroundings. In addition to this, Segways are safe and easy to operate, which means that you can direct even more attention to everything that’s happening around (though always check where you’re heading!).

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The Segway is built to withstand multiple terrains, which makes them very versatile as a means of getting around Malta. It’s also a rather family friendly form of travelling, although only children aged 12 and upwards are allowed to join Segway tours in Malta.

With all this in mind, how do you join your first Segway tour in Malta?

Enter Malta Segway Tours, a company intent on helping people see the sights Malta has to offer in an innovative and creative way. So far there are only two main tour areas available through this company – Valletta and Dingli – but there are plenty of plans to expand. In the meantime, you can choose to enjoy the architectural and historical beauty of Valletta, or the natural beauty of Dingli and its cliffs.

The Valletta tour, as you’d expect, covers a lot of historical insight into what makes Valletta the wonder that it is. The tour lasts an hour and a half, and you can then opt to visit The Malta Experience show that lasts another 45 minutes. The package costs a very reasonable €55 per person.

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There are actually two Dingli tours that you can opt for. One is a ‘Funtastic’ tour that takes you through the traditional village of Dingli and ends at the breath-taking Buskett Gardens, while the ‘Adventure’ tour is much more nature-centric, so gliding through the cliffy area and other natural locations in Dingli is what you can expect here. The tours cost €49 and €79, respectively. The Funtastic tour lasts an hour and forty-five minutes, while the Adventure tour lasts three hours. You’d definitely be getting your money’s worth!

If you’re eager to join the fun and ride into your first Segway tour experience, all you need to do is book through the following page:

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