Not many people might accept an invitation to go abseiling right away, especially if they’ve never attempted the sport before. You can’t really blame them – descending a rock face with the use of rope can be terrifying. That is, until you learn how safe it is when done properly.

Abseiling is not as dangerous as you might initially think. Many people learn how to abseil as children and it also requires less equipment than regular climbing activities. That being said, abseiling should always be done as a controlled climb with people overseeing you, and only the sturdiest equipment and top protection measures should be utilised.

There are plenty of reasons why abseiling is worth your time. Considered to be an adventure sport or an extreme sport, there’s very little else that can provide the sure rush and adrenaline that abseiling does. It’s a rush that everybody should feel a few times in their life! In fact, we’d go as far as to say that such adrenaline is really healthy. Abseiling teaches you that taking risks; that making that first push is a liberating step. Abseiling teaches you to forego your inhibitions.


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Plus, abseiling is a legitimate sport, in that it requires physical effort and mental focus. It’s definitely a way of burning the calories, and though we doubt it will become a daily part of your efforts to keep fit, it’s a great way of changing up the pace.

Perhaps the most wonderful part about abseiling, though is that you become immersed in your surroundings. Nothing is more beautiful than climbing down a rock face knowing that you are part of that whole structure, while breathing in the fresh air and the scents of nature around you.

That’s why Malta is an amazing place to abseil in! With so many beautiful landscapes everywhere, it’s hard not to get the impulse to climb down them! From Bahrija to Xlendi and countless other areas, if you’re an abseiling nut you’ll likely never run out of places to practise at. If you do, you can always revisit some of the same ones – they never stop being gorgeous!


Of course, as we’ve already stressed, abseiling should be conducted as a group activity, with professionals overseeing you, especially if you’re a newbie or simply don’t have years of experience under your belt. The best way to start your venture in abseiling adventures is through Fun Malta, whose collaboration with MC Adventure guarantees access to some of the most exciting spots for the sport.

Being very flexible they can cater to both small and large groups and will organise routes based on the overall skill and experience level present. You can start off with shorter routes and build your way to something a bit more daring. The longest abseil route available is over 75m, but of course beginners will not start here! There are only a few unique abseiling spots on offer, including an urban bridge in Mosta.

For more information on abseiling in Malta, including excursion and transport prices, and to book your spot directly, visit

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