The suggestion of renting of car when spending time in Malta might seem a little odd. After all, everyone knows our island is tiny, and in addition to that fact we even have a pretty efficient bus service that can take you anywhere you need to go. Renting a car seems unnecessary, right?

Not quite. Despite the fact that people certainly do get by using our public transport system as well as taxis when needed, driving is still the number one transport method of choice in Malta and there are plenty of reasons for that.

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We’re not implying that using a car is the only way to get by, and if you’re only going to visit the islands for a week or so it might definitely be worth your while to make do without one. Using a bus comes with its own advantages too – if you’re getting used to Malta it can be great to simply gaze at your surroundings through the window without having to worry about the road.

However, for anyone staying a bit longer, car rental should definitely be a consideration. Here’s why:

Trips are usually shorter

Although you will hear some inevitable stories of late buses, they are usually punctual. However, a bus ride can be lengthened for a few reasons, including the bus driver having to stop every few minutes to pick up more passengers. You might also find that to get to certain destinations you’ll have to catch two buses, which can increase the waiting and journey time quite a bit. With a rental car you can go straight to your destination without having to make extra stops.
You can travel when you like

This point comes in two parts. When you choose to catch the bus, you of course need to stick to the schedule, and when you catch a taxi you need to wait for it to arrive.

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The other issue is that night buses are somewhat limited in Malta, so you will have to pay attention to your watch to make sure you’re going to catch the last one. Alternatively, you could again opt for the taxi, but it seems like an unnecessary expense when you could just drive home when you likeoutwithout having to plan u a schedule.

You can take spontaneous detours

What happens if you’re on the bus and you suddenly decide you want to change plans? You’d have to get off, figure out your new route, and waste a lot of time.

With a rental car, all you need is punch your new location in your GPS and you’ll be good to go!

Rental cars allow you to budget better

Though renting a car is likely going to be as expensive or even more expensive than making use of alternative transport options, the fact that you’ll have the payment laid down means that you can plan the rest of your budget around it. Taxi costs accumulate, which means that you might end up less willing to splurge because you won’t be quite sure of how much money is going into transport on any particular day.

You can battle Malta’s temperamental weather

It’s no secret that the weather in Malta does what it likes when it likes. Why wait for a bus in the boiling sun or pouring rain when you can travel with a car roof over your head and AC/heater options at the ready?

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If you’re going to be staying in Malta for any length of time and are interested in renting a car to get around, visit – you can book directly!

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