‘Water, water everywhere – and not a drop to drink’, wrote Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his famous poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. Well, the sea in Malta might not be potable, but it sure is great for scuba diving.

We’ve spoken about exploring Malta on land. We’ve written about connecting with Malta’s beauty on cliffy heights. We’ve noted that there are many ways to appreciate the archipelago while in the sea. Malta is truly beautiful from all angles – but what happens when we go for an even deeper angle, namely under the sea?

scuba 1.gif

In fact, you might not be surprised to learn that Malta is consistently rated as being one of the top destinations worldwide for scuba diving. It’s more than the fact that there’s sea all around us. Malta is full of intriguing dive sites because of the abundance of caves and reefs that make for gorgeous natural structures below the sea. Just as captivating are the myriad historical wrecks that you can observe first hand when scuba diving.

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In addition to the beauty and intriguing stuff that lies under the depths of Malta’s seas, scuba diving in Malta is also an excellent choice because the variety in diving sites makes it suitable for all kinds of divers from absolute beginners to professionals. In fact, there are numerous sheltered and shallow bays that even the most inexperienced of divers can feel safe in.

scuba 3.gifIf you’re interested in testing out the waters of scuba diving (quite literally), Fun Malta is once again the gateway to adventure. By heading over to https://www.funmalta.com/scuba-diving, you can book your next scuba diving appointment directly, after checking out the different packages and price points on offer.

You can pick the right package for you based on your experience level. The beginner package, for example, covers completely controlled environments, and your guides will of course oversee you every step of the way. Commonly visited areas for this package include Valletta, Manoel island, Sirens Bay, Qawra Point, and Cirkewwa. The wide range of locations ensures that beginners aren’t simply subjected to sub-par dives, as there’s as much beauty and excitement to look forward to as there is in more advanced diving areas.

Furthermore, the beginner package is a great choice if you want to try out scuba diving as a unique family activity! However, your child will not be allowed to join unless he or she is at least 10 years old.

scuba 3

If you eventually decide you want to take scuba diving a little more seriously, you can also book PADI courses through Fun Malta, which will certify you as being eligible for more advanced dives!

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