Mothers. Sometimes, they can drive you up the wall, or nag you to the four corners of the earth. Little disputes here and there are inevitable with your mum. Regardless of all of that, your mother will always be one of the most important people in your life; perhaps the person who will always mean best for you even if you sometimes see the world a little differently.

Your mother gave you the greatest gift of all (no prizes for guessing what that is), and the 14th of May is an excellent opportunity for you to show appreciation for it. You might not be able to ever ‘return the favour’, but treating your mother in a thoughtful way is the best way to show you care.

mum 1.gif
If you and your mother are in Malta this Mother’s Day, there’s are limitless options to choose from when it comes to making your one and only mum feel special. You’re the best person to know what she likes, but in case you needed some gift guidance (mothers can be an elusive bunch, after all), this article offers a few ideas!

Get her a custom bouquet or floral décor

Though some people appreciate flowers as a gift, other see them as the easy way out. Grab a bouquet on the way home from work, and you’ve got a gift that smells nice but you put zero thought in.

mum 2.gif

Going the custom route revitalises the whole thing, though. Malta is chockful of floral design experts that can put together flower arrangements that really represent what your mother is all about. Do any specific flowers remind you of her? Are there any colour patterns that she really finds soothing? A custom floral artist, like Alistair Fenech from Alistair Floral Design, can put together exactly what you need.

Book a Family Photo Session with a Professional Photographer

Material objects can be lovely, but nothing beats the warmth of good memories, and memories are no better captured than in photographs. Thanks to the power of the internet, pictures can be stored online forever, so the memories will always be there.

Though a smartphone might suffice when it comes to capturing spontaneous family moments, a professional with a great equipment and a keen eye will provide high quality and artistic photos that you can truly cherish forever.

mum 3.gif

Your mother, like most mothers, might be the kind of person who always pines for more photos. If so, this is definitely the option we recommend the most.

Buy her jewellery/clothing unique to Malta

Clothing and jewellery are two options that you can’t go wrong with. What could make your mother feel better than an item that accentuates her beauty in addition to being a thoughtful gift from her child?

Some brands, though fancy indeed, can be found all around the world. Unless you know for a fact that your mother wants a specific item from a specific brand, we implore to do a little more research and opt for a unique Maltese option you won’t be able to get anywhere else. One example of this would be the gorgeous scarves made by the illustrious Saz Mifsud.

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