A lot of our articles seem to be focused on telling our readers about opportunities through which they can learn about our beloved Malta. Why don’t we spice things up, and tell you about the opportunities in which you can learn about literally anything else?

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If you want to take up a new skill, a new approach to business, or simply find a new way of spicing up your life, this article tell you about the life-changing events that are happening in Malta during the rest of May.

Masterclass: Business Growth | Brand Strength – 25
th May

A talk about business? Really? I don’t want to think about work during my nights out. I want to relax!

Hear us out. A masterclass in business might not sound very relaxing – but who needs relaxation when you can opt for inspiration instead? If you own a company or are thinking about getting started in a new business, this talk is a definite must. Taking place at the Radisson Blu Resort on the 25th of May, this masterclass is guaranteed to help you approach your business in new, innovative ways.

Qigong & Taijiquan Seminar by GM Maurizio Zanetti – 27th May

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Martial arts are always a phenomenal way of staying fit and relaxing the mind simultaneously. Yet, most people are unaware of just how many different varieties of martial arts actually exist. Most of us can name four or five styles off the top of our heads, and we’re willing to bet that Qigong & Taijiquan aren’t usually one of them.

Yet, sometimes the things least familiar to us can be the most rewarding. That’s why we recommend going to the Ramla Bay Resort to check out this amazing seminar, given by a European master, that can give you passion for a practice you never even knew existed!

Publish and Market your Book – 21st May 2017

There are so many inspired writers around who have very little knowledge of how to break into the literature scene. You might have no contacts, or you might be counting on fate to have you discovered. Don’t! Just like any life venture, results come with the right networking.

That’s why any up and coming author should really contact Filfla Publishing about their new initiative that helps people learn the dos and don’ts of getting your novel off your computer screen and into bookstores.

SED – Science Camp – 23rd May

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This one is for kids! If your children are new to the world of science, the SED Science camp is a brilliant gateway in. There are monthly camp sessions happening until September, but if you won’t be in Malta till then you can simply send your child there a few times. One thing is for sure – SED is geared to give your child a deep appreciation for science and how it applies to life.

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