There’s a lot that can be said about Malta’s thriving nightlife, but that’s not exactly what this blog post is about. Whether you’re staying in Malta for a week or for several years, you’ll definitely find time to enjoy the island’s night time entertainment culture, whether you’re into clubs, concerts, or literally anything else under the Mediterranean sun (or perhaps we should say ‘moon’?).

Don’t hit the clubs just yet, though. We strongly recommend that check your schedule and fit in one other night time activity: a night tour of the island.


night 2
Vittoriosa by night


You can bet money that if the Maltese islands are gorgeous by day, they’re equally gorgeous by night. People are recognising this more and more with each passing year, and several initiatives have been taken to celebrate Malta’s moon-kissed charm. One such initiative is the annual BirguFest, which is famous for its Birgu by Candlelight scheme. That’s exactly what you’d expect it to be: one of Malta’s maritime cities completely illuminated by candlelight.


night 3].jpg
Valletta at night


The Malta Night Tours are a little different though as they’re set on educating you about the cities you explore in a unique, captivating way. There are three tours available so far: The Vittoriosa Tour (so you get to see Birgu by night even if you won’t be in Malta for BirguFest), the Mdina Night Tour, and the Valletta Night Tour. Each tour takes approximately one and a half hours, and attendees can also opt to gather for a dinner at the site location. Each tour is led by a professional and licensed tour guide.
The question you must be asking, of course, is why you should opt for a night tour, as opposed to a day time tour. There are more reasons than you’d expect! For starters, a night tour will allow you to enjoy the city of your choice at a much less busy time, meaning you can ogle at the sights without getting caught in the middle of surrounding hustle and bustle.


night 4.jpg
Mdina by night


Night tours are also a great option for anyone who might be working in Malta and needs a way of familiarising themselves more with the archipelago. You can work in the morning and learn about the island after hours! It’s great for tourists too though – apart from the fact that you get to see Malta in a new light, a night tour can be a strategic way of immersing yourself in Malta’s history and culture on your first day if your flight is scheduled slightly late.

Just like most other tours, the Night Tours are an excellent group option. Each tour can accommodate up to 10 people. It also costs €108, and splitting that number between a high number of people makes the tour super affordable.
Are you ready for your night tour in Malta? Head over to, and book directly!

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