Biking in Malta does not always seem to be a popular mode of transport, and that’s pretty understandable considering that Maltese roads are usually quite busy, making biking a pretty risky option most of the time.

If you want to get your biking fix, though, you can go for the road less travelled and book an offroad biking activity through Fun Malta! This will let you explore all the facets of Malta that you love from unique, fresh angles.
Our offroad biking adventures come with various stops including Mdina, various wayside chapels, and even Neolithic temples. You’ll also get to see gorgeous landscapes along the way, such as cliffs and coastlines. This is what makes offroad biking more than just an athletic trip – it’s an insight into Malta’s culture, nature and history.

bike 2.gif

Offroad biking is available all the year round, though you will have to be prepared to combat the weather depending on the season. The worst of summer is soon coming up, so make sure that your hydration game is on point. What’s more is that people who are not used to biking (which is not actually that surprising in today’s urban culture) need not worry as there are various routes you can select and this means there are differing levels of difficulty that you can choose from.

Speaking of options, there are loads here, as you can book a half or full day and can furthermore choose whether you want to be one person, a small number of people, or a large group. Transport can be arranged to and from site, while for full day bookings a light lunch will also be provided. Prices, of course, differ depending on the selection.

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To inform yourself about these prices, to get more details, and to make a direct booking, head over to!

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