Travelling with kids is quite a feat. From the very first moments of packing til the last car ride home, keeping children entertained can be somewhat difficult. That’s why we have compiled a list of fun activities which you can enjoy with your kids, while on holiday in Malta! We’re sure you’ll find something which you and your brood will relish.

1. Kayaking


Being an island in the middle of one of the most gorgeous seas, Malta is a water sports playground. So it is evident that you will find a myriad of aquatic activities which are suitable for adults and also for children. Kayaking is one such sport, where you can make most of the scenery, while your kid has fun splashing around! It is also a perfect bonding sport, where you can teach your child how to row. Make the most of Malta’s waters and book your kayaking/bonding session here!


2. Jetfly

jetfly 2.jpg

As we highlighted in our previous blog post, Jetflying has become a popular activity among adults and kids alike, turning all your childhood jet-pack dreams into reality. While this activity cannot be done in tandem with your child, you can take it in turns (children will be accompanied by the instructor at all times) to experience one of life’s greatest thrills; propelling through the air like a cartoon character! It will surely be a memorable (and really cool!) experience for your kids – and for you too! Sign up for a jet-flying session here!

jetfly 1.png

3. Snorkeling


Another water-based activity, snorkeling is a great way to introduce your kids to the wonders which lie just beneath the sea’s surface. With a locally experienced guide to show you the best place to spot the best fish, children are sure to be entertained with this combination of swimming and discovery of a new habitat, and this can be also an introduction to Scuba Diving later on! Book your Snorkeling session here and explore a whole new world under the sea!


4. Horse Riding


If you (or your kids) prefer to try something more earth-bound, Horse Riding may be just the thing for you. This activity would be ideal for children who love animals, and can be a nice treat for adults too. Taking place in one of Malta’s most beautiful locations, Golden Bay, these Horse Riding sessions offer a calm and peaceful activity amidst the beauty of nature, a truly memorable experience for you and your children. So giddy up and book your Horse Riding session here.


5. Segway Tours


One for the older kids (children of 12 years and up can do this activity), a Segway Tour is an innovative and enjoyable way of taking in the sights and learning more about Malta. The kids will have a blast on the Segway, while the parents will get a cultural tour around Malta’s most beautiful spots (and enjoy the Segway ride too, we bet!). With three fantastic routes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice (and keep tweens entertained), which is a win win situation! Book your tour here.


6. SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga 4.jpg

We had explored the benefits of SUP Yoga in one of our earlier posts, and one of the main advantages of this fairly new activity is that it is actually a lot of fun! You and your child will be getting a good workout too, and being a water-based activity, we’re sure it will be a hit with young ones. SUP Yoga can also be a great family bonding session, as there are no age or sex restrictions. Book your relaxing SUP Yoga session here and enjoy some much needed mindfulness for the whole family!

SUP Yoga 8.jpg

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