Our dads are some of the most special persons in our lives. They give us life, they care for us in our early years (and sometimes even much later), and they give us wise and sage advice whenever we need it – sometimes even when we don’t, but they always have our best intentions at heart. It is only fair that this day is dedicated to the unsung superheroes that they are, and that we give them the special treatment.

1. Spend a Day at the Beach


Remember when you were just a little kid and your dad used to pack half of your belongings into the family car and take you to the beach? You can now return the favour! Surprise your dad with a planned beach day, either just you two, or with the whole family in tow. Relive some old memories and make some new ones! Your dad will surely appreciate a relaxing day by the sea, chilling with his family. Speaking of chilling, since you are now an adult, you can chill even further by sharing a beer or two with dad! (Just remember to drink responsibly, and NEVER drink and drive)


2. Organise a Picnic


Same as with beach days, your dad has spent countless days preparing for picnics and family outings in the countryside. As before, it is only proper that you return the favour. Prepare some delicious Maltese appetizers (or buy them at the supermarket if you’re super busy), pack some fancy Maltese wine, a large blanket, and you’re set to go! Once again, you can even invite the whole family and celebrate this special day together. Make sure to pack a football and relive old memories of kicking about and keeling over in mock pain at the slightest bruise!

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3. Plan a Historical Outing

This one should be very simple to do – we do live in an open-air museum after all! Malta is a treasure trove of historical locations, and if your dad is somewhat of a history buff, this will surely make his day. Pick a spot (you can close your eyes and point a the Maltese map, it’s that easy), and take your dad out for an impromptu guided tour by the man whose advice you should always follow. Your dad has been around for longer than you have, and he’s bound to know some juicy secrets and lesser known facts about your favourite historical location.


4. Go on a Day Trip to Gozo


That is, if you are from Malta. If you’re Gozitan, why not plan a day trip to Malta? The point is, you can plan a day overland with your dad and maybe your lvoed ones as well. Being as limited as we are, we do not have much options when it comes to overland trips. However, our trusted sister island is always there, and makes for a perfect little day trip where you can visit new places, or re-visit old places! Admire the islands from the ferry and sample some of Gozo’s famous specialities while you’re there. Bonus points if you get some for back home!

5. Cook a Special Father’s Day Sunday Lunch

Prepare a delectable Maltese dish for your dad (and maybe your whole family too) and take over the chef’s apron this Sunday. Think about your dad’s favourite dish, or ask your mum how to prepare his absolute favourite food, roll up your sleeve, and get to cooking! Your dad will surely appreciate the effort, and you can hone your culinary skills while donig so as well. This is also a good alternative for anyone who has not yet bought a Father’s Day gift!

6. Visit a Village Festa

With the Feast of St Philip coming up this Sunday, you can treat your dad to some precious festa time together! This works great if your dad is a festa enthusiast, or a fireworks enthusiast, or if he just loves to have fun. Festas are basically just big street party, and would surely be a fun way to spend Father’s Day with your dad. Make sure to grab some yummy Festa food as well – we’re sure your dad would appreciate some nougat for his special day!

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