As sunny summer days shift into sultry nights, Malta comes alive with warm streetlights, twinkling starts spread across the sky, and the sound of energetic Maltese chatter as the whole island steps out to enjoy the cool evening air. Exploring Malta by night is probably one of the best things to do during the summer months – here are just a few favourites to help get you started on your night-time excursions!

1 | Mdina

When it comes to getting a taste of Maltese history, it doesn’t get much better than The Silent City, a beautiful walled city with sweeping views of its surrounding towns and countryside. Mdina is full of adorable little squares and hidden side streets that offer visitors an almost-constant gentle breeze. The ancient citadel was fortified by the Phoenicians around 1000 B.C., but its present name comes from the arrival of the Arabs in the 9th century, when they named the city ‘Medina’, meaning ‘walled city’. The old dry moat that once protected the city from attack was recently transformed into a public garden filled with neatly-trimmed lawns and walkways, making it the perfect place for an evening walk.

2 | Valletta

Malta’s majestic capital and the best place to be if you want to take in some stunning architecture while sipping on an ice-cold gin and tonic in one of its many buzzing bars and restaurants. Built by the Knights of St. John and named after Grand Master Jean de Vallette, Valletta is a relatively small capital city bursting with history, culture, and entertainment.

3 | Birgu

Also known by its Italian name, Citta Vittoriosa, Birgu is a magnificent fortified city with great views of Valletta and full of typically-Maltese charm. The proud city’s origins date back to the medieval period, pre-dating the dawn of Valletta’s reign as capital. Head down to the peaceful Vittoriosa Waterfront, where you’ll find a casino, the Malta Maratime Museum, and the Vittoriosa Museum to name just a few sights. Birgu is also the perfect place for a night out, with countless wine bars and restaurants waiting to be discovered among its many narrow streets.

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