Comino is Malta and Gozo’s (little) sister island, situated right in between both islands, and being 3.5 square kilometers in area, she sure is tiny. However, she is none the less beautiful, some even preferring her to her sisters. Below are six reasons why you should book a Comino and Blue Lagoon Cruise with Fun Malta, today!

1. It is almost uninhabited

Fun fact: the island of Comino is home to only three residents, the fourth having passed away in 2017, making it virtually uninhabited. This gives you ample space to explore the island on foot or on bike; the garrigue wilderness, the rocky cliffs, all the beaches and caves that the island has to offer. You will notice that it is a totally different atmosphere from Malta and Gozo’s- there’s a minimal amount of cars, buildings or anything in between, and the entire island is a protected nature reserve and bird sanctuary, making it a welcome change from the hectic everyday life of Malta.

2. The Blue Lagoon

This is Comino’s main attraction- a teal stretch of water connecting Comino with Cominotto. The waters are clear and the sand is white- a beautiful background for a relaxing day by the sea. Swimming to Cominotto is easy and manageable, if not totally enjoyable. There is a kiosk, facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent at the beach. However, the beach gets busy during the better part of the day, making Fun Malta’s Comino and Blue Lagoon Cruises ideal- you can lie on the beach or stay on the boat, which will be anchored at the bay, therefore all facilities, including food and drink, showers and air-conditioned areas are available to all guests.

3. It is great for Snorkeling

The warm, clear water and the secluded cloves make the waters of Comino the perfect place for snorkeling amateurs and professionals alike. The area around the Blue Lagoon is full of underwater caves, rich in marine life, making it an unforgettable experience. Cominotto and its surrounding areas are also home to a coral reef, whilst the Santa Marija Cave is laden with shoals of bream, however, for this particular activity, one must organise an excursion with a diving centre in Malta or Gozo, as it is not accessible by land.

4. St Mary’s Tower

This tower is the most prominent feature of the island, being the easiest to spot from a distance. The story behind this tower is interesting enough to warrant a visit; in 1416, the Maltese people petitioned their king at the time, Alfonso V of Aragon, to serve as a warning system against the Turks, pirates and corsairs who had taken to hiding in Comino and using the ground to attack the other islands. The King agreed, thus he raised taxes on wine to raise the funds for the tower, however, he decided to keep the money for himself, thus leaving the island undefended. It was the Knights of Malta, or more specifically, Grandmaster Wignacourt, who finally made the Maltese citizen’s wishes come true, two hundred years later.

5. Comino is almost a Celebrity

The island, with all its fine scenery and shades of blue, was used in popular movies like Troy, The Count of Monte Cristo and Swept Away.  This comes as no surprise- the island is peaceful, unencumbered and untouched by the building frenzy, making it the perfect setting for any Roman, Medieval or your typical “stranded on an island” movie. So follow the likes of Brad Pitt, Guy Pearce and even Madonna, and visit this magical island.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

*Here’s a free Brad Pitt GIF. You’re welcome.

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