Horses are without a doubt some of the most majestic, sensitive, and loving creatures in the animal world, and being able (and allowed) to ride one is definitely something of a privilege. If you’ve never tried horse riding before, here are just a few reasons why you should start!

1. You get to bond with a beautiful animal

Just like humans, every horse has its own distinct personality, and once you get to know your four-legged friend a little better, you’ll soon start to build trust and become the most confident of duos.

2. You’ll feel closer to nature

Exploring the Maltese countryside on horseback means getting the chance to see our lovely island from a totally different perspective! Horse riding will take your off the well-worn tourist trails and show you Malta’s rugged landscapes – up close and personal.

3. And it’ll tone your core!

Horse riding is a great way to build core strength and tone your muscles. To keep yourself safely in your saddle and stop yourself from bouncing around too much when you hit a gallop, you’ll need to engage your core muscles to stay balanced.

4. You’ll improve your posture

Guilty of slouching or do you just spend too much time sitting in front of a computer at work? Horse riding is just the remedy for your bad posture. You’ll be sitting nice and upright in no time!

5. And your balance and co-ordination will get better too!

You’ll soon realise that to be a competent horse rider, you’ll need to learn to shift your weight and support yourself according to the way your horse turns and moves.

6. It’s good for the soul.

By ‘good for the soul’, we mean that horse riding and everything that goes along with it is super therapeutic. It’s a great way to ‘switch off’ from the stresses of your day-to-day life and focus on being in the moment, enjoying your time with your horse and boosting the happy-hormones in your brain.

Curious about horse riding in Malta? Get in touch and book a session today!

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