We all that at least one friend who seems to be constantly on the lookout for their next adventure, big or small. They’re looking forward to that next rush of adrenaline that sets the heart thumping against ribs and uncontrollable smiles spreading from ear to ear. So what kind of gift should you get for someone whose sense of adventure rivals that of Indiana Jones? If you’re feeling a tad uninspired, here are a few ideas to help get the creativity flowing.

1. An adventure journal

Give your loved one a way to record all the precious moments, memories, and experiences they collect when they’re out on their adventures! You could, of course, go for a simple-yet-pretty version, but you could also opt for a proper Adventure Journal.

2. A snazzy backpack

Whether it’s camping or full-on backpacking you friend’s into, they’ll definitely appreciate a good-quality backpack to carry all the bits and pieces they’ll need to make the most of every new experience.

3. An Action Camera

If you want to get fancy on the gift-giving front, then why not go for an action camera that’ll allow any intrepid explorer to capture precious moments on video in ways that a normal camera just can’t. The GoPro is a favourite among the travelers and thrill seekers of the world!

4. A rock climbing session

Rock climbing in Malta  is the perfect way to get up close and personal with our beautiful little island! It’s a balanced blend of fun and physical and mental challenge, and it’s always an incredibly rewarding experience.


5. Scratch the world map

For the travelers and wanderers out there, this is a great way to show off and keep track of all the fabulous places they’ve visited when they’re back home. You never know – the map might serve as a challenge, and your friend might end up scratching off every part of it!


6. An abseiling experience

Rock climbing not quite right for your thrill-seeking companion? Don’t you worry – abseiling certainly sets the pulse racing just as well! There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you (safely) lean back and start to rappel down Malta’s rugged-but-beautiful cliff sides.




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