After all the presents have been unwrapped, chocolates have been eaten, and bottles of wine and champagne have been drained dry, it’s hard to imagine that there could be any more fun to be had over the Christmas season! But let’s not forget about the other days of Christmas break – sure, we don’t all get to enjoy an extensive period of festive recess, but for those who do, there’s time to be filled! Not sure what to do other than sit at home and watch festive cartoons? Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1. Have a Movie Marathon

No matter what your go-to favourite genre may be, a movie marathon at home in your cosiest pyjamas is just heavenly. Use your turkey-and-stuffing leftovers, line up your snack hoard (we recommend popcorn, your favourite crisps, Oreos, some cheeses, galletti and a selection of hams) and treat yourself and your friendly or family members to a day of simple and well-deserved self-indulgence.

2. Watch The Comedy Knights: Show me the money! at Teatru Salesjan

There’s nothing like a good laugh to burn those naughty Christmas calories, so get your tickets to what promises to be The Comedy Knights’ best show yet! 2017 was absolutely packed with political intrigue and saucy scandals, so get ready for some seriously good local satire.

3. Hit the Baystreet Ice Rink

Perfect if you’re looking for a spot of festive family fun, ice skating is one of the quirkier things to do in Malta given that we enjoy such a relatively warm Mediterranean climate! Don’t worry if you fall flat on your softer parts once or twice – everyone does that, all that matters is that you get up and try again.

4. Spend a day with Sea Creatures and Beautiful Birds

Treat yourself to the perfect animal lover’s tour  that’ll take you to BirdPark Malta  to see some stunning creatures, from elegant pink flamingos to regal swans, wise owls, rainbow-coloured parrots and more! Next, you’ll head to the Malta National Aquarium located along one of our island’s most scenic promenades; with a whopping 26 display tanks and more fish than you could possibly name at one go, you’ll definitely enjoy learning all about marine life, getting to know them up close and personal.

5. Explore Buskett Gardens

A trip to the lush Buskett Gardens is never a bad idea! This 16th century forest is arguably one of the most beautiful places on our little island, and is the perfect place for a long, relaxing walk away from all the technological distractions back home. If the weather is fine, take things to the next level and turn your wintery walk into a cheeky picnic, complete with a big thermos of something hot to drink, snack, and a football to kick about. If the weather is on the wetter side, then head over to Mdina to enjoy some pure Maltese history – and something tasty from Fontanella cafe, a local favourite.


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