2017 is over and done with, and people all over the world are looking ahead and making plans that promise to make their 2018 their best year yet. Sound great, right? Well, the thing about those pesky New Year’s Resolutions is that year after year (without fail), we make loads of promises to ourselves with the very best of intentions – but how many of these resolutions do we actually keep? The secret to making – and sticking to – your New Year’s Resolutions lies in keeping them simple, and above all being realistic about them. Here are just a few examples that might inspire your plans for 2018!

1. Try something new

This one’s nice and easy, and just perfect if you struggle with keeping your resolutions (to be read: perfect if you’re the kind of person who gives up three days into the New Year). It can be as ‘small’ as trying a type of cuisine that you didn’t think you’d like, learning a new skill or language, or maybe even pushing yourself to try something way outside your comfort zone, like scuba diving or rock climbing in Malta! Who knows – you might end up discovering a new hobby while you’re at it.

2. Read more books

You don’t need to be a full-on literature fanatic to appreciate a good read! Cut down on the time you spend online and create space for yourself to curl up with a good book more often in 2018. It’s an excellent way to unwind after a stressful day at work or school, enrich your vocabulary, and become immersed in another world for a while. If you struggle with longer reads, why not try a collection of short stories or some poetry?

3. Be kinder to yourself

This one sounds easy at first, but can be quite a challenge. Sometimes, we can be our own worst critics, and we wouldn’t even dream of saying half the things we say to ourselves to the people we care about. So why should you say them to yourself? The answer is: you shouldn’t. Being kind to yourself is about treating yourself with the love and respect your give your nearest and dearest; it’s about claiming the time and space you need for self-care. You’re important! Recharge. Relax. You’ll feel happier and more motivated for it.

4. Forget about your phone

Attention all smartphone addicts: it’s time to spend less time on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Tinder and more time being totally present when you’re (meant to be) enjoying someone’s company! If you’ve made plans to hang out with your friends, family, or significant other, then put the phone away. You’re not going to miss anything important on social media, we promise. You could, however, be missing out on precious real-life moments and memories if you don’t!

5. Declutter your life

The start of a new year is like opening a fresh new copybook at the start of the scholastic year: full of promise and potential – but not if your desk is overflowing with papers, pens, and a Pandora’s Box-worth of chaos. Purge your wardrobe of the clothes you simply don’t wear (why not donate them?), tidy your workspace at home and in the office, and give your life an early spring clean to make sure you start 2018 with less mess and more organisation.


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