Short rental properties are terrific – you get a whole home away from home at the price of a hotel room, which is often a fraction of the size of a rental property. While renting a property, you can cook your own meals (thereby saving a substantial amount of cash), wash your clothes (so you won’t need to burden your suitcases with unnecessary clothing) and have a proper place to crash after days of exploring. Short Lets Malta offers a wide range of rental properties to choose from – from cute 1-bedroom apartments in Sliema that won’t break the bank, to humongous villas in Mellieha which will make you feel like a celebrity. All the properties come fully furnished, readily equipped for a comfortable stay. Yet when living in any rental property for a prolonged period of time – say for two or five months – you might feel the need to make the place more ‘yours’; more personal. We’ve come up with 6 brilliant ways to spruce up your rental without creating any damages to the property, which however will transform your tenantable rental into a cosy home.

  1. Buy fresh flowers and plants

This has to be the easiest tip of them all. Find your neighbourhood florist and buy some fresh flowers at the start of each week. The bright hues will liven up your space and lighten up your mood as well! Plants work just as well – they can bring life into lifeless spaces in your rental, such as your bathroom windowsill, or your laundry room. Succulents are easy to care for and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you will certainly find one that suits your tastes.

  1. Fluff up your place with soft furnishings

Spending money on soft furnishings may seem like an investment in your rental property; however, it is amazing how different an apartment can look and feel when dressed up with cosy blankets, throws, and cushions. Choose a theme for your rental (or go with the theme set by your landlord) and splurge a little on a comfy blanket and a couple of matching (or mismatching – it’s your call!) cushions. These will do wonders aesthetically while also serving a very useful purpose – keeping you comfortable and warm!

  1. Rest photo or art frames on shelves or on the floor

When renting a property, one of the main rules is always: No Renovations. This means no holes in the walls, no painting, no wallpaper… you get the idea. And it does make sense, as the landlord needs to keep the space as blank a canvas as possible. Still, an artwork is an essential part of each room, and it allows you to express your individuality in your home. The best way to display artwork without breaking the ‘No Renovation’ rule is to rest your artwork on shelves, or on the floor. You might even discover your artistic side and start painting and exhibiting your own pieces!

  1. Embrace clip-on lights

In a space where you can’t commit to big pieces of furniture, clip-on lights are your friend! Add an extra source of light in your bedroom, or use clip-on lights above your desk for a new feature in your rental home that can easily be moved around and taken with you on check-out. Clip-on lights come in a variety of colours, and can be a quirky but useful prop in any room of your rental home.

  1. Use your pretty luggage as storage!

Having nice pieces of luggage is essential when travelling (especially when it comes to recognising your suitcase in a sea of black and blue at the airport!), and it is a shame that these are put away during your stay. Get creative and use your funky luggage as storage in your rental home, giving you extra space to get rid of unsightly clutter while also putting them on display for everyone to see. Sturdy suitcases can also double as end tables when stacked on top of each other, giving your rental an eclectic feel!

  1. Bring a few personal mementos from home

If you tend to feel homesick, especially on longer trips, a few knick-knacks from home will make your rental property feel more homely, while also sprucing it up. Personal mementos like photographs are cute reminders of fun times, and other personal items such as your favourite mug will help you feel at home even if you’re miles away. It is also always a good idea to bring your favourite book – it will give you something to read when you’re feeling homesick, and you can use it as part of your décor as well! These small trifles won’t take much space in your suitcase, but they will hold a special place in your heart and they’ll certainly bring some additional comfort to your rental home.

Keen on renting your own space when visiting Malta? Visit and choose from more than 100 properties around the island. Your next home away from home is just a click away!

One thought on “Making your Short Rental Property feel like Home

  1. We have moved several times and many of the apartments here are so impersonal . So we have bought big plants and have pictures on the fridge. Candles and pillows and blankets;) And ofc a big carpet on the floor👍👍


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