When one thinks of Gozo, Malta’s untainted sister island, one might quickly jump to thoughts of a villa or a farmhouse in the middle of a tranquil village, lounging by a pool, a trip to Maxokk (Gozo’s most sought after bakery, home of the Gozitan ftira) or Jessica’s Delights (a local cake shop found in Marsalforn)- basically, all things that spell R-E-L-A-X. And admittedly, for the purposes of relaxing, Gozo is definitely your one-stop shop.

However, what can this island offer for the more adventurous, free-spirited of us? Those who crave an adrenaline rush over a lazy nap in the sun? Don’t fret- Shortlets Malta has got you covered! From fun, to almost crazy, for amateurs to experts, these are the top 6 activities to try out in Gozo.

1. Gozo Jeep Tour: Forget the typical “Hop-On-Hop-Off” tourist bus, when you’re in Gozo, you want to feel every dent in the ground, every cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Get your Gozo adventure started with an all-day Jeep Tour around Gozo, to discover the most beautifully hidden local gems, such as Qala, Belvedere, Ramla l-Hamra (Ramla Bay), Calypso’s Cave, the Salt Pans, Xlendi and many more. We wouldn’t normally say this but…get your selfie stick and go nuts!

2. Rent a Quad Bike: Another way how to spice up your Gozo tour- rent a Quad Bike and follow your tour leader to Gozo’s most remote areas, like Ghasri Valley, Dwejra, Kercem Heights, Simar Valley and many more, whilst enjoying the thrill that nothing but a quad bike can give you. A “swim stop”, i.e. an occasion to stop by a bay for a quick dip in the sea, is also offered during the summer season. Grab a quad bike buddy and start your engines!

3. SUP in Gozo: What’s Sup? (Get it? Yeah, me neither). SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding, which is basically an excuse to fall into the water repeatedly during those hot summer days. Or not! Whether you want to take this water sport seriously, or make some great memories with family and friends, SUP is the way to go. Take the opportunity to soak in the views; from Ghasri to Dahlet Qorrot, sometimes ranging all the way to Comino, this sport/tour combination can take you places. A giant SUP is also available (can fit 5-8 people)! Bonus: you can even SUP at night! We did warn you that we can be adventurous.

4. Kayaking in Gozo: Not only is the word “kayaking” fun to say (repeat it out loud ten times and you’ll get on my wavelength) but it is also fun to do! With so many beautiful bays in Gozo offering the most spectacular views, why not spend a day kayaking with an experienced guide/ instructor? Suitable for any level or expertise, this activity can take you around the shorelines of Gozo, or even to Comino and back. Get ready to get soaked!

5. Take a Helicopter Tour: It’s time to get your feet off the ground and soar high up in the sky, to see Gozo like you’ve never seen it before. Fly on the Robinson 44 and listen to the audio guide whilst you soar above the three islands- Malta, Gozo, and Comino- the 3-in-1 package you’ve been waiting for. Bonus: no need to bring your camera, or waste precious moments fiddling with your phone to grab the best photo- a video of the flight may also be taken upon request! Bon Voyage!

6. Go Scuba Diving: There’s no better way to experience Gozo: some say that the most beautiful scenery belonging to the Maltese Islands is found underwater! Whether you are certified or wanting to experience something new, this is THE occasion to explore Malta’s history like never before. Visit wrecks, reefs and underwater caves, and capture the beauty of Mediterranean marine life. The bays are safe, and sheltered- perfect for beginners and interesting for experts alike.

Great news! Shortlets Malta offers all the above activities. Visit our website on www.funmalta.com and book NOW for your adventure of a lifetime!

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