Going on holiday can be a stressful event, which is ironic – since holidays are meant to be a relaxing experience. Yet with all the packing, flights, accommodation, sight-seeing… a holiday can feel like tons of work. We gathered some travelling tips and tricks to make your journey, arrival and stay a pleasant and smooth-sailing experience, not one you’d need another vacation to recover from!

Tip #1 Book a rental property for your vacation


Let’s face it, hotels are ridiculously overpriced, and you’re generally stuck in a bland, square, cookie-cutter room that’s far less impressive than the photos you saw online. When you’re travelling for a long stretch of time, a hotel room can seem suffocating and very limiting. Booking a rental property on the other hand, gives you plenty of space (especially great if you’re on a family holiday and have kids tagging along), and gives you the freedom only a home can give: you can cook, you can wash your clothes, you can invite your newly made friends over without it being too cramped… you’re basically renting a home away from home, and at a much cheaper price than a hotel room too!

Tip #2 Leave your guidebooks at home


While we do suggest that you do some reading about the location you’ll be visiting, we strongly recommend leaving your guidebook behind and just winging it. Chances are, the locals will be more than happy to help you find your way around, and they might even show you some really cool aspects of the location you’re visiting – aspects you won’t find in guidebooks. Whether it’s the best place to get cocktails on happy hour, or the best location to view the sunset – locals do know best. So let your adventurous side take over and ditch the guides.

Tip #3 Pack less


This is particularly helpful if you’re following tip #1. Staying in a vacation rental provides you with your very own washing machine, a very handy tool to use when you want to avoid those nasty overweight fees at the airport. Pack the basics, and pack less than you think you need. You’ll travel lighter (no grunting while hauling your luggage onto the overhead compartment), and you’ll have more space for knickknacks and souvenirs! Also, make sure to roll your clothes rather than fold them, rolling takes much less space. And make good use of your items; for example, even though shoes are a bulky item to pack, they’re hollow! The inside of your shoe is a great place to tuck away your bits and bobs without any fear of damage or tangling!

Tip #4 Eat like a local


Sure you’ll get bombarded with restaurants as soon as you hit a famous landmark, but do you really want to eat where the tourists eat? Chances are the food will be tasteless and frustratingly overpriced, making you feel like you’ve been ripped off and generally ruining your holiday vibe. Stroll a few blocks down, mingle with the local scene (see Tip #2) and run a Tripadvisor search on the restaurants which catch your eye. Also, don’t forget to check out your corner grocery shop or fruit stall, for some quick and easy go-to snacks which you will desperately need after hours of sightseeing. Looking for an extra challenge? Try to learn the names of fruits and vegetables in the local language and impress the shop staff with your newly acquired knowledge!

Tip #5 Find free WIFI hotspots


Data roaming charges can truly skyrocket your expenses while on holiday (depending where you’re visiting), so make use of every free WIFI hotspot you encounter. Don’t be shy of asking restaurant and bar staff for the WIFI password either – they will be happy to oblige. Holiday rental properties generally come with free WIFI included too, meaning you can plan your itinerary for the day on Google Maps before you actually start your day. Make sure to download maps for offline use too – just say ok Google when you’ve found your route. It’ll be much easier navigating through an unknown street with easy access to your map.

Tip #6 Use your accommodation TV as a phone charger


There is NOTHING worse than having your phone battery die on you – and that is a hundred times worse if you’re stuck with a dead battery while abroad. If you and your significant other are battling it out on who gets to charge their phone on the one charger you’ve brought with you – outsmart them. Bring a USB cable and plug your phone to the TV! Most LCD TVs come with a USB port at the back, making the TV an ideal charging station for your phone without having to figure out if your plug fits the local sockets. Charge your phone during the night for full battery potential on your sightseeing, and wave goodbye to that dreaded 0% battery!

Looking for a comfortable rental property for your next holiday in Malta? Look no further! Short Lets Malta   have tons of options for you to choose from – and they all come with their very own washing machine! Bye bye overweight fees!

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