Planning a family trip is never an easy feat, especially when young children are involved. The little ones are more easily irritated and can get grumpy really quickly, so you need to find ways to keep them entertained and avoid those dreaded tantrums! Most families on holiday have found that staying at a rental home works much better for them than staying at a hotel – rental properties have all the amenities of an actual home, meaning you can prepare home-cooked meals (especially handy when you have small children) and kids still have a ‘household’ structure, instead of being confined to a room. Yet, it is a well-known fact that children get bored terribly quickly, so keeping them occupied and happy is a priority. We’ve listed 9 fun and engaging activities that your kids will love while on a family holiday to Malta which you can add to your vacation bucket list:

  1. Visit the Blue Lagoon

A family trip to Comino is a must while in Malta. The smallest island is home to the clearest sea in the Mediterranean, and your kids will absolutely love it. It might actually be hard to tear them apart from the turquoise waters … but you can entice their sense of adventure with a:

  1. Jeep Ride in Gozo

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Quick trip around Gozo

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Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago, and it is by far the prettiest. With rolling green hills and beautiful seaviews all around the island, it is a nature lover’s paradise. It is awesome for kids too, especially when touring it atop a Jeep! The ride itself will be a fun experience for your children, while the places of interest will appeal to both adults and kids alike.

  1. Compare your height to the Temples’ stones

The temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra in Malta, as well as the temple of Ggantija in Gozo are known for their imposing size. Your children’s imagination will run wild trying to make sense of the huge stones and circular rooms in each temple. It would also be a fun family photo opportunity to take a photo beside the largest stone, comparing your height to the massive boulders. You can also compare your photo with how tall your kids have become on your next trip to Malta!

  1. Throw a coin in the Triton Fountain

We get it, it’s no Trevi Fountain, yet the newly refurbished Triton Fountain at Valletta’s entrance is still a fun little area to explore with kids. The square has been pedestrianised, so even the younger children can run around freely. Make sure to drop a coin and make a wish in the fountain with your family!

  1. Watch the sunset at Golden Bay on horseback

This is especially fun for older children, who are generally even harder to please. Watching the sunset at Golden Bay is a must while on the island, and experiencing this wonderful time of the day on horseback is even more magical. #islandlife

  1. Swim with the dolphins at Mediterraneo Waterpark

Older and younger kids alike will be thrilled at the chance of swimming and interacting with dolphins and other sea creatures at the Mediterraneo water park. Make sure to book this activity in advance to secure a spot, and take a video of the whole experience so they can relive it for years to come!

  1. Spot a ghost on the Valletta ghost tour

This is another activity which older kids will surely enjoy. Book a ghost tour of Valletta and wander the historic city streets in the cover of night, while listening to some truly spooky tales of unquiet souls and restless spirits. Spine-tingling fun guaranteed!

  1. Dress up and visit a Maltese festa

When you visit Malta during the summer, you are sure to find a festa to visit every weekend. Do some research and find out which festa will be happening during your stay, then do as the Maltese do: don some fancy clothes, and take your family to the festa. You and your kids will experience a myriad of sounds and sights, making this activity one not to be missed!

  1. Eat pastizzi

Ah, the classic Maltese snack! Pastizzi are a delicious snack made of puff pastry and a filling of either ricotta or peas. The simplicity of this snack is sure to go down well with kids, yet adults will love eating pastizzi just as much. There are now even pastizzi filled with Nutella – just in case you wanted to have pastizzi for dessert too! (We don’t recommend showing this version to your kids, or they won’t want to eat anything else!)

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