Sunsets are a gift at the end of each day, and Malta is surely blessed with some great spots where these daily marvels can be viewed. The best sunsets in Malta can be seen from the Western side of the islands, West being the direction in which the sun sets. Watching sunsets is a perfect way to end a spring or summer day, so here are some of our favourite sunset-viewing spots on the Maltese Islands.

  1. Golden Bay

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The fiery Golden Bay is a spectacle during all times of the day; however this beach takes on new life during sunsets. The warm hues play well with the beach’s orange sand, which offers a comfy prime location from which to view a majestic sunset or two.

  1. Dingli Cliffs

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The majestic Dingli cliffs offer an uninterrupted view out to sea, perfect for witnessing an end to another day in the most beautiful of ways. Unlike Golden Bay, this location isn’t as comfortable, however there are a few dispersed benches which offer a place to rest while watching the sun dissolve into the Mediterranean. Make sure to take a blanket or a cardi while sunset-watching here, as the Cliffs get quite chilly as soon as the sun sets!

  1. It-Torri l-Ahmar

Located on top of a hill in Mellieha, it-Torri l-Ahmar might not seem like the most accessible of spots. Yet it is fairly easy to get to, and the view from up there is truly something. Venture further into the area and find a cosy spot overlooking the sea for some Instagram worthy #sunset shots. This spot is also great for sunrise watching, as the hill provides great views on both sides.

  1. Blue Lagoon

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Sunsets at the Blue Lagoon in Comino are even more magical – the crystal clear waters offer an idyllic backdrop to the dramatic setting of the sun. The big bonus of this location is that you can enjoy the natural spectacle while swimming in the clearest water in the Mediterranean; something which you don’t get to do every day!

  1. Xlendi Bay

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Xlendi Bay in Gozo seems to have been created for the sole purpose of sunset-watching. The valley’s cliffs frame the sun’s setting perfectly during the summer, with the sun descending into the sea in the middle of the horizon. Grab an ice cream or a couple of cocktails from the many restaurants and bars on the beach front, and prepare to be blown away!

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