We have already covered our islands’ best sunset-viewing spots, so it was only natural that we would also show you the best locations for witnessing grandiose sunrises. Dawn may not be as favoured a time of day, simply because many people would rather sleep for a couple of more minutes than wake up early. For those of you who aren’t discouraged by an impending alarm, or who are coming back from a night out in the wee hours of the morning, or out jogging or exercising before the day begins: this list’s for you! Here are our top sunrise spotting sites on the Maltese Islands.

Grand Harbour, Valletta

The Grand Harbour is a prime sunrise viewing spot, giving you an unobstructed view of the horizon. Head to the capital before it becomes hoarded with people, grab a coffee from the kiosks near the bus terminus, and walk straight down Republic Street to get to the tip of the Valletta peninsula , then head down to the coast for a truly unforgettable sunrise experience.

Surfside Rocky Beach, Sliema

The whole coastline of Sliema offers some truly spectacular sunrise spots, yet sitting on the rocks at Surfside, hearing the soft lapping of the waves against the shore, is an experience in itself. Whether you stop and take in the view while on your morning jog, or you take a break on your way home from St Julian’s after a good night out, this sunrise sight is sure to leave you speechless.

St Thomas Bay, Marsascala


If you find yourself in the southern part of Malta in the early hours of the morning, make sure to head over to St Thomas Bay in Marsascala to witness a beautiful dawn over the turuoise sea of the bay. This spot is also ideal for a bit of early swimming, especially during the summer months when the sun starts sizzling as soon as it rises.

Birgu Shoreline

The shoreline on the Kalkara side of Birgu is a great location to sit by the sea in a peaceful environment. Paired with a fiery sunrise, this spot becomes even more magical. Nestled between Fort St Angelo and the Bighi Hospital in Kalkara, this sunrise spot offers a different point of view of the Grand Harbour, ideal for some sweet Instagram snaps!

Ta’ Xbiex Coastline

This coastline stretching from Msida to Gzira is a top spot for watching a beautiful sunrise framed by Valletta’s iconic coast on one side, and Manoel Island on the other. The sun rises between these two expanses of land and creates a breath-taking silhouette effect. The area is also dotted with quaint cafes, meaning you can recharge with some java before starting your day.

Cittadella, Gozo

If you’re staying in Gozo while on your trip, watching the sunrise from the ancient wall city of Cittadella, just above the Gozitan capital Victoria. The city was built on top of one of the highest hills in Gozo, giving you a broad view over the whole island. Head over to the bastions on the eastern side of the city to witness a wonderful sunrise above Malta and Comino, then grab a couple of pastizzi and a typical te fit-tazza (tea in a glass) for a truly memorable experience.

Qbajjar Salt Pans, Gozo

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If you’re in the Marsalforn area at around 6am, you must go to the Qbajjar salt pans to view the sunrise. The salt pans reflect the sky in the most enchanting way, making dawn even more dazzling and dramatic. Afterwards, a quick dip in the pebbly beach of Qbajjar will surely refresh you and prepare you for the day ahead!

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