Choosing what souvenirs to buy when on holiday can be a real headache – you can only bring so many magnets back home from your travels before you run out of space on your fridge! We’ve compiled a handy souvenir checklist to make souvenir shopping in Malta that much easier, giving you more tanning time on the beach!

For your Mum

You can never go wrong with jewellery, and a dainty, handmade necklace from Mint Sparrow will surely be a hit with your mum! These silver necklaces are inspired by Neolithic shapes, reminiscent of the stone jewellery found at the various temples around Malta.

For your Dad

What’s one word in Maltese that you keep hearing over and over again wherever you are in Malta? Mela! Mela has a multitude of meanings; it can mean ‘yes’, ‘sure’, ‘so’, ‘yeah right’ – the list is endless. Teach your dad this versatile word with this cool mug from Souvenirs that don’t suck.

For your Sister

The perfect gift for a fun-loving sister is: booze! Give the gift of Malta’s unique taste with this delicious Bajtra Liqueur (Prickly Pear Liqueur) which can be found at most food stores, and even at the duty free section at the airport.

For your Brother

Give your brother the chance to wear a Maltese icon on his own two feet, with these funky Luzzu socks! Designed to look like the Maltese traditional boat, these socks come adorned with the Eye of Osiris, usually painted on the sides of the Luzzu boat for protection.

For your Friends

The handmade glass ornaments at Mdina Glass make for some truly pretty trinkets to take back home to your friends, whose desks will surely look a little bit brighter with a bit of Malta perched on top of them! Be careful to pack these items securely before you leave, as they can understandably be quite fragile.

For your Colleagues

One word: TWISTEES! The cheesy, crispy snack is a Maltese staple, beloved by children and adults alike. It is also the perfect souvenir to take back to work – cheap, easy to pack, and sure to be a hit! Grab some Kinnie too and organise a Malta party! Twistees and Kinnie are found in practically every food store around the islands, and even at the airport.

Bonus Buy: Cisk

Speaking of drinks, what’s golden and bubbly and tastes like a Maltese summer? That’s right, Cisk! Cisk is the Maltese national beer, beloved by nationals and foreigners alike. When you can’t think of the right souvenir to bring back home, bring Cisk! Beer makes everyone happy anyway! Cisk can be found at all local food stores, liquor stores as well as at the airport.

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