Planning your visit to the island of Gozo? Thinking what are the best beaches for a cool summer dip in the Mediterranean waters? You have probably heard of the famous Ramla Bay that is known for its redish-orange sand and is a visitors’ must during your stay in Gozo. Surrounded by cliffs on both sides, boasting clear waters and spacious accommodations, Ramla seems like the obvious choice. Moreover, it is easily accessible by car or public transport.

Yet in case you are feeling a bit more adventurous and would like to explore paths less travelled leading to more secluded, absolutely stunning beaches of Gozo, here is our guide to top five.

Hondoq Ir Rummien

i1Hondoq Bay is a small sandy beach that is easily reachable by car from Mgarr ferry station through the village of il-Qala. Nature lovers and avid hikers, not discouraged by heights, have the opportunity to take a charming coastal walk to Hondoq. Leave the Ferry Station torwards the Mgarr Marina. Walk past the Marina towards Zewwieqa Bay, which is a perfect spot for a quick cool-off swim before embarking on a ragged coastal path, which you will find at the end of the Zewwieqa Bay. The path is relatively safe although precautions should be taken and appropriate footwear is a must. Also drinking plenty of water is recommended to prevent sudden dehydration. The views including a distant glimpse of the famous Blue Lagoon of the Island of Comino, will be worth every drop of sweat you will expend on this walk.

Right before Hondoq Bay, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover a small inlet called Bemberejn. Surrounded by rock formation and sheltering turquoise waters it will be beckoning you to refresh yourself after a strenuous hike.


You will already be able to spot Hondq Bay from Bemberejn.

Hondoq Bay itself is a cozy, low-key hangout mostly for locals. You can rent a sunbed/umbrella combo and enjoy a variety of cold refreshments and delicious snacks from the Lunch Box stand just up the road. Another option is the little restaurant shack right across from the beach. You are welcome to taste their catch of the day, (also available in a fish & chips combo is you feel like indulging yourself) and enjoy a cold local beer variety called Cisk or another drink of your choice.

Dahlet Qorrot


Dahlet Qorrot is an old fishing bay. Its main attractions are multi-colored doors of charming boat houses build inside of the limestone formations surrounding the beach and of course, its iridescent, crystal clear waters to swim in. Moreover, with its abundant and colorful sea-life, the area of Dahlet Qorrot has become a beloved spot for diving and snorkeling.

The beach can be accessed by car from the Mgarr ferry station via the village of in-Nadur. Access by pubic transport is a bit tricky unless you are not afraid of a bit of a walk. If you choose to walk, however, you will be rewarded with beautiful sights of local farmland, lush green nature and gorgeous sea views.

If traveling by bus, take the number 303 either from Mgarr or Rabat Victoria (the central bus station of Gozo’s capital) and get off at the station Qorrot. Then follow the signs that will lead you out to a wide road gradually going downhill. Keep on walking down till you see the beach in the distance. When in doubt, however, ask the locals who are usually very kind and helpful towards lost tourists.

Dahlet Qurrot is a beloved hangout for locals and families as it is quite far away from the usual tourist destinations. In the summer months a small food truck with exceptionally kind and attentive staff will offer you a variety of hot and cold snacks as well as refreshing beverages and ice cream. Dahlet Qorrot is well worth visiting not only to enjoy a nice cool dip but also to get a feel for the local lifestyle of Gozitans.

San Blas


Located on the coastal side of the village in-Nadur, San Blas Bay is a tiny rustic beach with redish-orange sand, the same shade as Ramla Bay. Although the beach is quite secluded, it can be accessed by car via narrow road from in-Nadur. There are signs throughout the village to help you navigate. Be advised, however, that the last, rather steep portion of the road leading directly to the beach, is closed to traffic. Since the hike down (and up!) the steep road is not for the faint-hearted, the beach is relatively peaceful. On weekends, though there might be quite a few locals hanging out, parking their boats and coming to swim and relax on the beach. San Blas can also be accessed by bus 303 from the Mgarr ferry station or the main bus terminal in Rabat (Victoria). The bust stop to exit is Weraq (NOT Blas), which brings you directly to the top of the steep road offering breath-taking views of the bay.

The beach itself is low key with a cozy restaurant in a shaded area overlooking the bay. Take a seat at one of the wooden tables, and enjoy the beautiful sights while sipping wine and/or choosing between a variety of snacks and an abundance of seafood including fresh local fish.

Mgarr ix-Xini


Mgarr ix-Xini is a narrow, secluded inlet close to the Gozitan villages of Ghajnsielem, Xewkija and Sannat. Ix-Xini can be accessed by car or on foot though I must warn you, it is not the easiest of walks: When leaving Mgarr ferry station, follow the south-eastern coastline passing Fort Chambray on your right, leading to a small local beach called Xatt Lahmar and several diving stations. Keep on the path around the coastline until you see the ix-Xini tower. Looking down from the cliffs, the astounding view of crystal blue waters will take your breath away. Aside from offering a purely aesthetic experience, ix-Xini is also a perfect spot for light swimming and relaxing on a sun bed. Those who would like more action, however, are welcome to try out diving and snorkeling. Although the beach waters are quite shallow and thus perfect for families with smaller children, a gradual slope will lead you into deeper seas. The rocks (some even have steps) on each side of the inlet provide a perfect platform for cliff jumping and diving into the crystal clear waters. Several caves in the cliff faces have become beloved exploration spots for divers and adventurers.

The back of the beach hosts a lovely restaurant with a natural tree cover for shade. The restaurant is famous for its amazing local fish dishes, selection of wines and local and foreign beers.

For history buffs, ix- Xini holds stories recounting events that took place during the Turkish invasion of the islands. You can still see steps that were used by the Turks to take the Gozitan captives to their ships. It is also noteworthy to mention that Mgarr ix-Xini was the location where the movie “By The Sea” was shot starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Ix- Xatt l-Ahmar


Despite its very close location to the Mgarr ferry station, Xatt l-Ahmar is one of the quietest beaches in Gozo, located in the Gozitan village of Ghajnsielem. You can walk to the beach from Mgarr ferry station via Ghajnsielem following the road downward from Fort Chambray. On hot summer days though, trekking down the long windy road might be cumbersome, so a car would be a more convenient option.

The beach itself is an ideal location for divers particularly due to its main attraction: the shipwreck “Xlendi” which can be found at the depths of this location. For those who just want to relax and swim, the rocky surface with saltpans offers many nooks and crannies for cozily setting up your umbrellas, chairs and towels. This location does not have a restaurant or a food kiosk so taking your own drinks and food provision is a must. The gorgeous surroundings including the far off view of the Fort Chambray, makes this less known gem of a beach an ideal spot for romantic picnics or cozy family time.

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