Visiting the gorgeous Maltese Islands? Contemplating how to squeeze in a workout between dips in the Mediterranean, visits to ancient temples and medieval cities, sunsets on the top of a cliff and cocktails at a rooftop beach club?

What if we told you, you can have all of the above and also stay in excellent shape while on holidays?

Aside from beach vibes and vibrant nightlife, Malta is actually THE perfect place to get in shape. You can enjoy an early morning jog while witnessing spectacular sunrises almost all year round since we have an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. About 8 months out of 12, you can enjoy refreshing morning/evening dips almost anywhere on the island as beaches can be found around every corner and near every hotel. Avid hikers are welcome to conquer the Gozo coastal walk challenge, or explore breath-taking landscapes in the north of the island.

For those, however, who would like a more targeted approach to getting in shape, Malta’s booming fitness culture with numerous clubs and studios to choose from will satisfy the pickiest of fitness enthusiasts. We have put together a guide to Malta’s trendiest and most beloved fitness clubs for you to enjoy.


Freemyme is a hip boutique fitness club with cutting-edge approaches to fitness and a cult like following. Located at the heart of Sliema (a major hotspot of the island), Freemyme is easily accessible on foot, by car or public transport. Looking for a challenging, effective and fun workout? In that case, Freemyme is the gym for you! Additionally to providing arguably the toughest workouts on the island, Freemyme are also known for their friendly and welcoming atmosphere and personal engagement with each new member or guest. Due to their custom-tailored approach, Freemyme have successfully formed a community of exercise enthusiasts of all walks of life who happily partake in fitness-related and other fun, interactive events both inside and outside the club.

It’s important to mention that Freemyme only offer group sessions and personal training with possibly the best PTs on the island. Working out on your own in their gym is not an option. Individual PT sessions, a variety of package deals and memberships can be inquired about, bought and booked at the reception or via their App. The so-called fitness holiday packages are becoming an increasingly popular option. Why not come to Malta, do a couple of shake-up-get-outta-your-comfort-zone sessions during the morning hours and then for enjoy the island for the rest of the day!

Intrigued? Check out where you will find an abundant offer of multifaceted sessions followed by elaborate descriptions of various health and beauty benefits of each. Just to give you a little preview, here are a few enticing titles: Abfactory, Hotbodz: Abs&Butts, Hotbodz:Full Body, FMM Grit, Fightfit, Muscle Connect, Pop-Up Beach Flow, R&R Yoga.

FMM Grit and Popup Beachflow are outdoor classes held at the backdrop of the sun rising over the Mediterranean sea. After seeing these, don’t tell me you are not compelled to book a few and explore for yourself? If you do, you will be shell-shocked and challenged. You will become aware of body parts and muscles you never consciously knew existed. Your metabolism will be kicked in a different gear, and you will discover just how vast your physical and mental capabilities are. No session is ever the same so there is no danger of boredom or lack of a challenge. Some sessions will make you laugh and maybe cry a little, some will test your limits, yet the high you will feel for having done it, will be worth every drop of tear and sweat and every sore muscle in your body the morning after. Not buying it ? We dare you to give it a try!

HotYoga Malta


HotYoga Malta is definitely a novelty to experiment with if you are looking for a more exotic workout. Being the only boutique HotYoga studio on the island, it has become a cozy little oasis of warmth (physically and figuratively) and community for expats and visitors, particularly during the chillier winter months. Located in Sliema it is easily accessible on foot or by bus. If taking a car, make sure you allow some time for parking as Sliema is a very popular area especially in the evenings. The sessions start punctually and doors are usually locked, so being late may leave you outside.

Open entering the studio you will be immediately enveloped in welcoming warmth and relaxing vibes. Friendly staff members or the owner of the studio herself will greet you and guide you through an exciting array of yoga and Pilates classes at your disposal patiently explaining your options and the numerous health benefits of each. All of the classes are done in a heated studio in about 30-36C. Novices to yoga and Pilates are most welcome as no prior experience or particular fitness levels are required. If unsure, however, you may want to start with slow gentle stretch and body alignment classes, e.g., Hot SlowFlow and then gradually move to more vigorous work-outs such as Yoga/Pilates Sculpt, which are rather energetic and often involve the use props, e.g., elastic bands and light weights designed to give you that lean sculpted Pilates body.

For more detailed information regarding classes, feel free to check out the class schedule on You can also book classes online by creating an online account. For specific queries regarding classes or any difficulties with creating an account, fee free to send them a direct Facebook massage. They usually respond quickly and are very accommodating. Should you feel like checking out the studio and finding out about classes in person, you are most welcome to stop by and have a chat with one of the staff.

Still unsure? Wait till you hear all of the amazing health benefits hot yoga/hot Pilates offer. Doing exercises in heated environment, relaxes your muscles thus allowing for a greater range of motion and improved muscle strength, tone and flexibility. Moreover, there is less chance of injuring yourself. Another major bonus: Working out in higher temperatures improves blood circulation, which increases oxygen supply to all major organs, which in turn accelerates metabolism and the removal of toxins from your system. A bit confused by all the anatomic descriptors? In simple terms, doing hot yoga/Pilates will give you glowing skin, leaner body and strength to cope with life’s challenges. Try it and you may be hooked!

Fit&Fun Mini Trampoline


Wanna get some cardio in, but are not motivated by the prospects of an hour long run on a treadmill in a dingily lit gym? Try Fit& Fun Mini Trampoline. Currently Fit&Fun is the most famous trampoline workout on the island largely due to its founder’s and owner’s (Valentina Santini) infectious enthusiasm and her inspiring personality to reinvent and evolve and be the best version of herself every day.

Mini trampolines provide a fun, effective and safe cardio workout without putting too much strain on joints and ligaments as most of the shock is absorbed by the trampoline. Besides, Valentina’s eclectic Core/Cardio combo accompanied by awesome tunes, will leave you dripping with sweat and ecstatic. Recently a new class has been added to her already amazing Core/Cardio combos, called BarreJump, which combines classic barre elements with fun, high intensity cardio moves on the trampoline. The session is finished off with a bunch of killer core exercises. BarreJump is not only fun but also an extremely effective workout for stimulating lymph flow and flushing out toxins, aiding in weight loss and helping you achieve that lean and toned dancer’s body.

Currently trampoline classes and BarreJump are taking place at Fitness Point, Sliema which is a gym located directly at Tigne Point, a luxurious neighborhood in Sliema. Feeling intrigued? Give BarreJump a try! Walk-ins are always welcome. For booking a set of classes, feel free to contact, Fit&Fun mini trampoline Malta, which you can easily find on Facebook.

Also, stay tuned as a brand new, beautiful studio for barre, trampoline and Pilates is opening up in Sliema in a couple of weeks. It will be awesome, and we will keep you in the loop.


As one of Malta’s largest and most popular gyms, Cynergi is a legend hosting a community of loyal members for over 15 years. The gym has also been visited by a number of celebrities while shooting in Malta (the names shall not be mentioned). Located in St. Julian’s (one of the most popular and beloved areas in Malta) the spacious gym is equipped with brand new, top-notch strength machines (about 50), state-of-the-art cardio facilities, Olympic size bar bells, an abundance of free weights, kettle bells and other non-stationary equipment. Should you need any assistance you will be guided by exceptionally friendly and helpful staff whose priority is to make all members feel welcome and appreciated. Qualified fitness professionals will show you how to use the equipment safely and explain how to effectively target different body parts. Friendly and professional receptionists will guide you through different package deals and membership options best fitting your needs, time constraints and your budget. Day passes and weekly passes are a popular option. Get value for your money as weekly and day passes include access to all gym facilities including lockers and any class of your choosing: HIIT, Insanity, Lifecycle, Beach Boot-Camp, Core, Pump, Yoga or Pilates.

After an intense workout, why not take advantage of the luxurious wellness and spa area hosting a warm pool, dry sauna, steam bath and Turkish Hammam, all of which are included in your day, weekly, monthly or any other membership passes. Massages and other beauty treatments can be booked at the Charisma Spa reception at an additional charge.

Not a fan of working out alone or taking classes with people you don’t know? You can always request a personal trainer at the reception for a number of sessions of your choosing. This also applies to private Pilates and Yoga sessions. Knowledgeable and highly motivated PTs will assist and encourage you through your sessions and monitor your progress via custom-tailored exercise programs. For assistance with your nutrition plan, a certified nutritionist is available by appointment, which can be booked at the reception. The guests of Intercontinetal Malta are welcome to use Cynergi gym (all classes included) and spa facilities free of charge.

Personal Training with Ivy

Not feeling like going to the gym alone? A bit shy to join group classes? Yet you’d still like to squeeze in a couple of training sessions while on vacation? Why not book some sessions with Ivy (+356 99713386). An eclectic fitness professional with years of extensive experience and a background in Physio Pilates (APPI- Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute), gym instruction, group and personal training, Ivy will design group or individual sessions to your heart’s content. Just to give you a sneak peek of what Ivy can do for you:

Beach Boot Camp

Feeling like starting your day with an early morning beach workout boot-camp style that will leave you energized and ready to face the day? This type of workout is a perfect mix of muscle strengthening & conditioning and pulse raising cardio intervals. The benefits of this combo: increased metabolism for several hours after the actual workout, reduced body fat, increased muscle tone, happier disposition towards life’s challenges and more confidence. Ivy can either organize individual sessions for you or plan a group workout, which is the kind of fun you do not wanna miss out on.

Restorative Pilates

Wanting to relax against the backdrop of our Mediterranean sunsets during a restorative Pilates session including deep breathing exercises and gentle stretches to release tension in your fascia and muscles? Restorative Pilates is a gentler version of the more energizing classic Pilates. R P includes several modified yoga moves, which are very effective for improving circulation, mobility, flexibility and reducing stress and tension stored in the tissues. Feeling pain, stiffness, uncertainty? You do not have to be afraid. Ivy will find exercises for you that will suit your specific needs.

Core Fit/Summer Abs

Maybe you have been doing crunches your whole life and are not seeing any results in your abdominal area. Ivy can advise you by explaining the role of clean eating in reducing abdominal fat. Moreover, she will design a series of effective pulse raising abs moves that are the true secret to flat abs. All you need is your commitment to a 30 minute session every other day.

Sculpting Pilates

Coveting that lean toned Yoga/Pilates physique? Book a session of Sculpting Pilates with Ivy. Pilates Sculpt is an energizing Pilates session (slightly faster paced than classic Pilates) incorporating classic Pilates moves combined with various props such as Swiss balls, Bosu balls, elastic bands and very light weights. Each workout has a unique sequence and is always a challenge, so you never get stuck in a rut.

Still not sure? Maybe you have different needs and preferences in mind, contact Ivy and see what she can do for you + 356 9971 33 86 or

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