With Malta’s upcoming celebration of Independence Day on the 21st of September, we think it’s the perfect time to present our readers with a one-day historic tour itinerary in Valletta that highlights Malta’s eventful past. Read on!

Celebrate Independence Day

The Independence monument commemorating this historic day can be found in Floriana, in front of the public garden area known as The Mall and facing the entrance into Valletta. On Independence Day, several activities and events are held in and around Valletta to celebrate. Festivals Malta, a branch of the Maltese Arts Council, will be organising public arts events and visitors can expect impromptu celebrations to pop up across the island. We suggest heading up to the Floriana/Valletta area early throughout the early morning to make the most of the celebratory atmosphere before moving on to the next stop on our itinerary.

Get informed about Malta’s rich history


After a morning well-spent partaking in the outdoor events, we recommend paying a visit to The Malta Experience located in the St. Elmo’s Bastions for an interactive and informative journey through the Maltese Islands’ past. Tickets allow customers to enjoy a 45-minute film that succinctly presents and summarises the key historical events that led to the Maltese Islands to be what they are today. Tickets also include a guided tour through the La Sacra Infermeria. We recommend pre-booking one of the late morning – early afternoon shows as a perfect follow-up to the morning’s exploration. An eatery is present on site for an easily accessible lunch option.

Pay a visit to the iconic Fort St. Elmo


For an even more in-depth journey into the Maltese Islands’ intricate past, visitors might want to pay a visit to Fort St. Elmo. Renowned for protecting Malta throughout the Great Siege of 1565, Fort St. Elmo was strategically built to oversee and protect the Marsamxett Harbour, as well as the Grand Harbour. Today, the Fort is known as a historic building that houses Malta’s National War Museum and is famous for being a site used for national events. It has even been used in production filming! Additionally, visitors can request to visit the ramparts – a rewarding trip that features a splendid view of the Valletta waterfront.

Dine at Valletta’s Historic Waterfront

An active, eventful day calls for a hearty dinner! The Valletta Waterfront is the ideal way to end a day exploring Malta’s capital. Stroll down the historic promenade and choose one of the many dining establishments for your dinner pick. The Valletta Waterfront marries dining, architecture, and history for a memorable evening. You’ll be eating right under the refurbished Pinto Vaults, with their colourful façades and set in a location that provides breath-taking views. The three cities are located on the opposite side of the shore and the waterfront gives a sprawling view of the Grand Harbour, which makes for a beautiful place to experience Malta’s sunset skies.

How do you plan on celebrating Malta’s Independence Day? Let us know in the comments below!


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