With epic beach club parties signaling the end of summer season in Malta, you may be feeling that all the fun is over now. Yet do not despair, we have plenty of excitement in store for you this coming fall season. All you have to do is take the ferry over to the island of Gozo. Whether you are a nature lover, a history buff, looking for art scene, culture or good time on a sail boat, Gozo has a bit of everything for everyone.

Let us give you the rundown of fall 2018 highlights on the Island of Gozo.

Gozo Walks with Ivy

Fall is the perfect time for exploring the islands outdoors. The weather is mostly sunny with clear skies and mild temps making it perfect for hiking, picnics, magnificent sunsets and lounging on the beach while soaking up the last of the gentle rays. The island of Gozo is full of hidden gems awaiting to be discovered by you: quaint towns with restaurants and bakeries off the beaten tourist path, pretty rock-enclosed beaches, spectacular nature trails with unique flora and fauna offering breath-taking views of the cliffs. None of the above are advertised online or in the mass tourism brochures. Feeling like an authentic Gozo adventure with cliff hikes, picnics, swims in exotic inlets, tastings of local produce and wine? Contact Ivy for a private tour: ivyevison@yahoo.com

Historical Treasures of Gozo.


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If cliffs and beaches are not your cup of tea, the island of Gozo also offers a wealth of history and tradition. The warm, beautiful October days are ideal for visiting the island’s historical treasures. Once in Gozo, the first thing you will probably notice is the unique and distinguished shape of the Citadel (Cittadella), the highest structure on the island. The Citadel is an ancient fortress containing a whole city within its walls. It is believed to have been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has been listed as a non-active fortress for only about the last 150 years. Only a few families reside within the walls of the ancient fortress city today. Upon entering the Cittadella, you will have the opportunity to visit fascinating historical and architectural monuments such as the Old Prison, the Grain Silos, the Old Gunpowder Magazine, even a World War II shelter and a number of small museums: the Gozo Nature Museum, the Museum of Archeology, the Folklore Museum and others. Apart from its rich history, the Cittadella offers breath-taking views of the island’s landscape, encounters of rare flora and fauna species typical to the region and an assortment of cafes, restaurants and gift shops.


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Ggantija Temples is another experience you don’t want to miss when visiting Gozo. These megalithic temples from the New Stone Age are older than the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. The findings suggest that the temples were used for religious rituals and ceremonies such as fertility rites as one can find fire hearths, holes in the floor most likely meant for liquid offerings and the evidence of animal bones implying animal sacrifices were performed. Right next to the Ggantija Temples you will find the Ta’ Kola Windmill which you can visit with the same ticket. The windmill was originally build during the Knights’ Period but had to be reconstructed later. Ta’ Kola Windmill is also one of few windmills that have survived. It is named after its last miller Zeppu ta’ Kola who took over the reparation of various destroyed and neglected windmills after the World War II. The Ta’ Kola Windmill offers an interesting historical account of the island’s bread, olive and wine culture and the typical lifestyle of the Gozitans.


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Another immensely popular sacred religious site is Gozo is the Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary or Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu, which has been a beloved site for pilgrims and believers in miracles for centuries. In the year 1883 a woman from a near-by village heard the voice of the Blessed Virgin Mary beckoning her to visit the tiny chapel. Over the years multiple miracles were recounted in connection with the chapel such as recoveries from illnesses, the gift of fertility being restored and protection of soldiers in times of war.

Eventually the original chapel was replaced by an impressive Roman Catholic Basilica built between the years 1920-1931, yet the original foundation of the chapel was preserved, parts of which can still be seen today behind the altar. Once you enter the basilica you will be astounded by its opulent architecture, the grand sculptures, the six mosaics and painted windows. Yet the most intriguing aspect of the church are the two prayer rooms on either side of the altar. The walls of these two rooms are covered with recent and past stories, photos and other objects of evidence of miracles and answered prayers, such a regaining ability to walk, full accident recoveries, business and personal success stories and a multitude of blessings of every kind. The interior of the basilica is also being referred to as an “Oasis of Peace” offering a place for quiet reflection and meditation away from every day noises, chaos and troubles.

Art and Culture Evens in Gozo Fall 2018


If you would like to relax in the mellow autumn sun and spend a day (or a couple of days) getting to know the life of Gozitans on this tiny yet historically, culturally and spiritually powerful island, stay tuned as we have a real treat for you this fall.

The Annual culture and art festival Mediterranea will take place from 11 October -14 November. The Festival is your chance to immerse yourself in the laid back lifestyle of the Gozitans at the very heart of the Mediterranean while soaking up 7000 years of culture and tradition (not just the glorious sunshine). The rich and multifaceted nature of the island will unfold through a host of indoor and outdoor events including concerts, operas, art exhibitions, lectures and visits to Gozo’s ancient historical sites. And of course you will have plenty of opportunities to sample the island’s abundant local delicacies and wines. For dates regarding specific events please kindly visit www.mediterranea.com.mt

If you are looking for one of a kind experience and happen to be in Malta in mid- October, take a ferry over to Gozo to visit the Celebration of Light Festival on Sunday October 14. Watch as the Ghar Ilma hill covered in lanterns, lights up in hundred little flames casting a truly magical glow over the uniquely beautiful landscape of the island. After the lighting ceremony, you are welcome to visit the town of Santa Lucia to witness the children’s candle procession, sample local goodies and simply get to know the kind-spirited Gozitans.

Lust for Life Day Charters Malta/Gozo

Just because it is fall and the swimming season seems to be over for most, does not mean that you cannot enjoy sunny autumn days on the boat and maybe even a dip in the sea, especially since the water around the Maltese isles remains quite warm till Christmas time.

Not a fan of big boats and sharing your island experience with strangers? Looking for a more intimate setting maybe just for your friends and/or family? Interested in seeing nooks and crannies of the islands’ beautiful cliff and cave formations that are not on the radar of the big commercial boats? Lust for Life Day Charters is just a thing for you!

The owners, a lovely couple Andy and Antonia, will take you out on the sea any time of the year (weather permitting, of course) and show you the secret beauty spots and caves of Gozo and Comino not mentioned in any tourist brochures or popular online blogs. Andy and Tony’s main focus is to provide a personalized sailing experience in a more intimate settings where you will have plenty of space to relax and unwind in a company of your friends and loved ones surrounded by gorgeous landscapes while enjoying delicious snacks (dips, veggies, cheese, ham, bread, fruits and ice cream) and an abundance of soft drinks, wine and beer. As a result, the groups are limited to maximum 8 people (minimum 4).

The price for 4 guests on weekdays is 350 Euro, which includes fuel, skipper & crew, food, all drinks including beer and wine. Every additional guest is Euro 50. On weekends, the price for 4 guests is 400 Euro with 50 Euro for every additional guest. The tours usually start at 10 am (so you will have plenty of time to sleep in) and finish at 6 pm.

Boarding is available either in Gozo or Malta. Once on board you will have plenty of time for tanning and many stops for swimming in beautiful turquoise waters of hidden caves and other exotic spots around the islands. For you to enjoy the Mediterranean sea experience to the fullest, masks, snorkeling equipment, pink flamingos and SUP will be provided free of charge. Coming to Malta this fall? It is not too late to book your magic sea cruise around the Maltese Isles. Contact http://www.funmalta.com for more information.


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