Most importantly Swieqi has become The Place to try trendy and scrumptious culinary delights. With so many budding new cafes and restaurants in this area, we have carefully selected just the places for you!

The Deli Malta


This local artisan, gourmet food café called simply The Deli has been a true blessing and a lifesaver for many of us living, working or vacationing in the Swieqi area. Located on one of the main streets in Swieqi (49 Qasam street) it is instantly recognizable by its red ladybug décor and is undoubtedly one of the best places for fresh and delicious lunch options. Owing to its lovely owner Joanna’s friendly and welcoming disposition, The Deli was recently awarded the Friendly Business Award by JCI Malta. Yet good-natured banter is not the only thing, The Deli is famous for. It is also one of the places that strive to combine their commitment to clean eating with simultaneously providing the top notch artisan, luxury goods such as fine wines, bubblies, craft beers, exotic oils (olive, truffle, pumpkin, walnut), honey from Sicily, fine cheeses, cold cuts and home-made designer cupcakes. (For those of you still in the dark, clean eating means consuming foods free of refined sugars, additives, chemicals and pesticides). The Deli’s daily fresh salads are mostly from locally and organically grown vegetables. You can choose your own ingredients: a multitude of fresh and grilled vegetable mixes spruced up with nuts, cranberries, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds, avocado, fresh local cheeses, tuna, salmon, bresaola, chicken or beef with roasted onions, quinoa, cuscus, roasted pumpkin and sweet potato bits. Don’t fancy a salad? Try one of their wraps. We hear the Mexican chilly wrap is the winner. Or better yet, this is your chance to have you Mediterranean moment by trying a Maltese specialty: Ftira. Ftira is a ring-shaped, locally made leavened bread loaf usually eaten with fillings such as tuna or sardines, onions, tomatoes, greens, capers, olives. Not a fan of fish? Try one of The Deli’s delicious alternatives: a meat Ftira with chicken or beef. Avocados and poached eggs are game as well.

Looking for just a light treat with coffee to pick you up? Try one of their homemade cupcakes, delicious cake variations, their protein balls or raw deserts for vegans and/or fitness –conscious.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the service and the fresh flavorsome goodness of The Deli treats.

Café Lulu


Situated on the outskirts of Swieqi bordering Ibragg (Triq L-Uqija, Is-Swieqi), this café is your cupcake version of Disney Land. The place is not just a café, it is an experience! Cafe Lulu will stun you with 18 versions of multi-colored cupcakes all of which are hand-crafted with love beckoning you to try their delicious goodness. Feeling like going all out? Try one of their fabulous cake varieties. Our favorite is the rainbow cake. Yes, indeed its layers are rainbow-colored. Gluten free and lactose free options are usually provided as well.

Don’t have much of a sweet tooth? No to worry, Cafe Lulu has plenty of yummy savory options as well. There are spinach-feta omelets for about only Euro 2, original sandwich and wrap creations (e.g., goat cheese, home cured salmon, roast beef etc.) various noodle dishes, savory pies to choose from and make-your-own salads. Top your choice of a savory snack with a fresh juice or one of their heavenly smoothie combos.

In any case if you are staying in this area, café Lulu is definitely worth a visit. Take some time to sit down and savor a rich caramel cup cake (we know it might be tough to pick one!) with a flavorful cup of Caffe Kimbo Napoletano.

 Restyle Café


Restyle Café is another amazing, brand-new place in Swieqi close to our accommodations (on Triq Il Qasam and the corner of Triq L’Imghazel). Most importantly the café offers a multitude of gluten free options, GCC free (gluten containing counterpart free) options including GCC baguettes, sweet and savory croissants (quinoa croissant with grilled vegetables and cheese and pistachio dressing), GCC pastries and desserts including brownies served with rich dark chocolate as well as GCC salads, soups, fish and meat dishes.

We hear from one of our co-workers that the Restyle freshly baked morning croissants are to die for. Even people who don’t like and usually eat croissants, have not been able to resist these beauties.

Delicious Italian pastries and fresh morning coffee are not the only things Restyle Café is famous for. (Those of you with gluten allergies please kindly clarify before ordering as NOT ALL items sold are GCC free.) They also offer many wonderful freshly made and served in-style salad, soup, fish and meat dish options for lunch and dinner. Our personal recommendation would be the octopus salad: marinated octopus served on a bed of local fresh and grilled vegetables and their organic coffee alternative drink Koawach: sugar-free and naturally energy enhancing.

At least, stop by and let yourself be pampered with one of their original home-made Italian desserts and a glass of quality Prosecco.

The Greenhouse-Cafeteria-Bistro –Pizzeria


Looking for a spacious place with a myriad of food choices for family with kids or just a hungry group of friends with clashing food preferences? The newly opened Greenhouse Cafeteria might be just the place for you. Located at the entrance of Greens Supermarket (Triq L-Uqija, Swieqi), The Greenhouse will greet you with an irresistible food and pasty aromas. Upon entering, you will be immediately assisted by smiling and welcoming staff members offering you a cozy table. The food choices are endless and will satisfy the most finicky of eaters. Your head will be spinning from all the Mediterranean pasta dish varieties: spaghetti with fresh mussels, penne al carbonara, penne alla boscaiola, traditional ravioli, the greenhouse lasagna, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and white truffle sauce.

Not a fan of carbs? Go for a fresh and yummy salad with an assortment of colorful vegetables. Take your pick between French Nicoise, Thai Beef salad, Grilled octopus salad or Chicken Caesar.

Feeling a little adventurous? Try The Greenhouse Mediterranean platter with a local twist: bigilla (bean paste: a local delicacy) fresh local cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, Maltese sausage and local olives. Or maybe go for a sophisticated Italian cold cut platter: parma ham, prosciutto crudo, quality salami, fresh mozzarella di buffala, grilled vegetables and olives served with sliced crusted Maltese bread.

Looking for something of more substance? Local fish dishes or a premium steak are The Greenhouse staples.

Of course here are also pizzas and burgers: the Hawaiian burger, the traditional grilled lamb burger, Capri burger, Whiskey glaze blue cheese beef burgers, the Greenhouse special burger with goat cheese, sautéed mushrooms and white truffle. Yum! If you are indulging already, don’t leave without trying their cheesy fries ( one of the best on the island).

Looking for light lunch options? Check out The Greenhouse snack menu: endless variations of baguettes, ciabattas, wraps and arancinis are always fresh and ready to be served.

Feeling like a cozy evening? Enjoy a glass or a bottle from their excellent wine selection paired with a luscious dessert.

Whatever your and your family’s food preferences are, The Greenhouse has a little something for everyone.

All of the places mentioned above are tried and tested by us (and we are picky when it comes to quality!), That is the beauty of our island: no matter where you stay, you don’t have to look far for a place with amazing food and outstanding service. We wish you an enjoyable and relaxing stay at our accommodations in the trendy yet still cozy Swieqi/ Pembroke area.

Looking to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Sliema and St. Julian’s? Would prefer a spacious and cozy accommodation in one of the most coveted residential areas in Malta? Why not book one of our ShortletsMalta villas or apartments in the Swieqi/Pembroke area? Our Swieqi/Pembroke residences are ideal for families or a group of friends wanting to spend time bonding. While sheltered from the noise of the clubbing district of Paceville, the Swieqi/Pembroke neighborhoods are just 5-10 min. walking distance to Paceville, all the major bus connections (including the buses to the airport), a taxi stand, Greens Supermarket and many popular sites in St. Julian’s. Most of our accommodations are equipped with swimming pools where you can lounge enjoying local wines and the warm glorious rays of our Mediterranean November sunshine. Indeed our Novembers are different than what you would usually picture when thinking of November weather.

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