Apart from its cultural and historical features, Valletta offers a vast treasure in gastronomy and entertainment. Both locals and foreigners alike know that Valletta is the place to be on a Saturday night, or any night at all! Here are the top five best bars in Valletta- you’ll be aching for a whisky on the rocks in no time!

Queen Victoria Pub- South Street, Valletta

If you’re looking for some great ale (foreign and local) and some real, traditional British grub (think yorkshire pudding and roast beef with some gravy, fish and chips and mushy peas, pie) then this is the place to be. This exquisitely decorated Victorian-style pub, with authentic oak furnishings and a general old-fashioned homey feeling will definitely steal your heart.

The Thirsty Lawyer- Strait Street, Valletta

Inspired by the Art Deco movement and themed around the Prohibition era, this very recently opened bar is not exclusive to lawyers- everyone is invited to enjoy the Great Gatsby atmosphere, magnificently mixed cocktails and the elegantly plated fine food that this establishment has to offer. The bar itself comes with three areas, each equipped with a different theme: the Dining Area is inspired by Broadway/Al Capone, the Bars are inspired by Garrison/ Chumleys and the Lounges are reminiscent of Hemmingway and Greta Garbo. Open everyday, from noon till late, with lively music and entertainment on weekends.

strEAT Whisky Bar and Bistro- Strait Street, Valletta

This bar can be found in one of Valletta’s many narrow side roads, particularly in this case, Strada Stretta (Strait Street). This road is famously known for its history as the epitome of Maltese nightlife back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where British and American militants mingled and co-existed with the Maltese frequenters. If you feel the need to keep this tradition alive, head over to StrEAT (yes, with a capital EAT), for some whisky, a bottle of wine and a platter. The nostalgic atmosphere will certainly encourage you to return!

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Иногда, одна небольшая деталь может представить что-то уже привычное с абсолютно другой стороны. Например, такая деталь как остров Айла показал мне немного другой whiskey sour. ⠀ Давайте расскажу немного подробнее. Виски бар @streatwhisky предлагает вам необычный вариант этого коктейля – с уже упомянутым мной виски с шотландского острова Айла. За счёт этого напиток приобретает необычный и немного специфический дымный и торфяной аромат (отличительная черта этого виски за счёт особенного метода высушивания солода). Немного напоминает мой любимый пенициллин, но без резкой имбирной ноты – очень мягкий и приятный. ⠀ Если вы открыты к новым вкусам – советую попробовать. Тем более, что во многих барах вам смогут его приготовить 🥃 ⠀ #malta #valletta #vacation #island #travel #whiskeysour #islay #alcohol #cocktails #bar #drink #cocktailblogger #whisky #smoky #drinkresponsibly #foreveryoungforeverdrunk #алкогольныезаметки #проповедникигедонизма #вечномолодойвечнопьяный

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Alchemy Cocktail Bar- Strait Street, Valletta

Founded on offering the patrons a mixology experience, this unique bar offers a less than typical cocktail selection. Try out the “Innocence”, infused with fresh apple juice, walnut syrup, rose water and sencha, or even the “Eternity”, a mix of gin, coconut ice, cloves infused sake and bergamot. The mere ambience and exquisite design will make you want to return again and again.


Bridge Bar- Saint Ursula Street, Valletta

Situated outside of the hustle and bustle of the main streets of Valletta, this casual bar is situated right on top of a bridge, facing the Victoria Gate and all neighbouring views. If sitting on the steps, drinking a cold one and listening to local jazz-cats sounds like the ideal night, then look no further than Bridge Bar this summer

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Beautiful Valletta 🇲🇹

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We encourage you to try out all the bars mentioned above (even on the same day, if you’re feeling adventurous!) however, please drink and drive responsibly. Assign a designated driver, travel by bus or taxi, or stick to the threshold designed by Maltese law (0.8mg of alcohol per ml of blood or 35mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath). Either way,enjoy responsibly!

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