Malta is a teeny tiny island, with big celebrities, with an even bigger fanbase. From Influencers, to singers, to TV presenters- we love our Maltese personalities! Here are the five popular faces to look out for when in Malta.

Ira Losco

The beautiful Ira Losco is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest personalities in Malta. Undisputedly, her rise to fame started when she represented Malta in the Eurovision song contest in Tallinn, at the tender age of 21. She ended up placing second in the competition, a result which broke records in Malta. Ira’s career eventually soared to international popularity, playing alongside renowned acts such as Elton John, Maroon 5 and Akon. Now mum to three year old Harry, she is currently one of the four judges in Malta’s very own X-factor; one can even say that she’s one of the nicest judges in the competition (after Ray Mercieca, of course)!

Valentina Rossi

Model/Actress/Radio Host/ Influencer Valentina Rossi has been stealing hearts since her Television debut “Pupi” in 2006. She’s since risen to popularity as Malta’s favourite radio host with her co-workers Nate and Frank, on Vibe FM. You will find her everywhere- in your cars, in magazines and on billboards across Malta, on your phones- literally, everywhere (which, to be quite frank with you, is not such a bad thing). With 35.6K followers to date, her influence on the Maltese community is super prominent. Three cheers for our favourite “Joyce”!

Ben Camille

Family man Ben Camille is no stranger to the spotlight- Ben happens to be Malta’s favourite X-Factor host and Maltese TV Drama actor, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s super easy on the eyes! When Ben is not falling off the stage on national television, or donning old-fashioned clothes for Malta’s favourite period drama Strada Stretta, the 31 year old enjoys some quality fam bam time with his wife Kristina and daughter Elle. Adorable!

Sarah Zerafa

Resident supermodel and influencer Sarah “Sosa” Zerafa has been delivering looks since her debut on YouTube four years ago. From beauty tutorials, outfit ideas and hair experiments, this girl does it all. With over 207K followers, Sarah is one of the most loved Maltese personalities on the island, and beyond! Follow her around Malta and Europe, and get ready to get inspired by her colourful outfits and daring hair and make up looks, that are, in three words, TO-DIE-FOR.

Stella Cini

Calling her a hairdresser wouldn’t do her justice, no- she’s Malta’s favourite hair CREATIVE! From blues to pinks, pixie cuts to wigs, Stella pushes all fashion boundaries, showing us how we can achieve her look, too! Her followers on Instagram total to an astounding 483K, whilst enjoying a good 389K subscribers on YouTube. It’s no secret that our Stella enjoys local popularity, and international success. Time to get experimenting on your mane!

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Wig mania at the moment

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