(Video) Maltese Ġbejna

Ġbejna (Maltese pronunciation: [ˈd͡ʒbɛjnɐ], plural ġbejniet) are cheeselets typically made from sheep milk, salt, and rennet. They are prepared and served in a variety of forms: pickled, salted, peppered, covered in herbs, dried, or as a plain, fresh cheeselet. Trying a fresh Maltese ġbejna when visiting Malt is definitely a must! Planning a trip to … Continue reading (Video) Maltese Ġbejna

Yummy! Prickly Pear season is on (Video)

Prickly Pear season is on! Fruit and vegetable stalls are coloured by the vibrant fruit of the prickly pear (bajtar tax-xewk in Maltese) cactus plant. Malta’s hot climate makes it an ideal place for these to grow. First used by the Knights of St John for its moisturising properties, and later by farmers as a … Continue reading Yummy! Prickly Pear season is on (Video)

Destinations of Excellence – Żejtun – Winner 2019

Destinations of Excellence - Żejtun

10 World-Class Museums You Can Visit Online

Stuck at home? You still can enjoy the viewing of some of the well- known artworks and explore the museums on the other side of the world. Here you will find the list of 10 World-class museums that you can visit online: 1.  The Louvre in Paris offers free virtual tours (Flash required) of several … Continue reading 10 World-Class Museums You Can Visit Online

Malta’s Celebrities- Faces to look out for

Malta is a teeny tiny island, with big celebrities, with an even bigger fanbase. From Influencers, to singers, to TV presenters- we love our Maltese personalities! Here are the five popular faces to look out for when in Malta. Ira Losco The beautiful Ira Losco is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest personalities in Malta. Undisputedly, … Continue reading Malta’s Celebrities- Faces to look out for

Malta’s Favourite Christmas Traditions- Our Top Four

This the season to be jolly! Christmas is our favourite time of the year- it’s when Michael Buble’ comes out of his cave, Mariah Carey’s voice gets stuck in our heads, and our elasticated waistbands expand tenfold. Not to mention the lights, the atmosphere and the smell of mulled wine lurking in the air. It … Continue reading Malta’s Favourite Christmas Traditions- Our Top Four

Seven of the Best Breakfast Places in Malta

Breakfast- the most important meal of the day. That is the undisputed fact. But what if I tell you- it can be the best meal of the day? Here are the top five places in Malta, for the best breakfasts of your entire life! 1. Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar Palazzo Parisio (also known as Scicluna Palace) … Continue reading Seven of the Best Breakfast Places in Malta

6 Indoor Activities to try out in Malta

Sun sea and heat - that’s Malta most of your knowledge. But it’s not always bliss and sunshine on this island- sometimes the weather can surely disappoint. Have no fear- Short lets is here to help! Here are 6 indoor activities to check out when the weather is less than favorable, or, you know...tomorrow! 1. … Continue reading 6 Indoor Activities to try out in Malta

5 Tips for a Maltese Autumn

For an island that enjoys around 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, nailing the awkward mezzu temp (that’s Maltese for “in-between seasons”) can be quite tricky. Should I wear jackets or T-shirts? Shorts, or long jeans? Boots or sandals? Don’t fret- we’ve got the ultimate guide to planning your perfect Malta holiday this season! Hot … Continue reading 5 Tips for a Maltese Autumn

Mystical and Magical Places to Visit in Malta

Owing to their enigmatic and absolutely enthralling accounts of prehistoric temples, the Maltese Isles, also known as the Islands of Dreams (a book by Francis Xavier Aloisio) are internationally renowned for their unique and stunning natural beauty, their fascinating ancient history, their endless summers of golden sunsets and stark contrasts of turquoise and the Mediterranean … Continue reading Mystical and Magical Places to Visit in Malta

The Ultimate Guide to BBQs in Malta

September and October in Malta are those two months when there is plenty of sunshine while it's not too hot. This makes this season perfect for having BBQ somewhere by the sea.  However, it turns out that BBQ-ing al fresco in Malta can be tricky- not every beach is available. Where can I go? Do … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to BBQs in Malta

6 Maltese Things that you need to Take Home with you

What happens to the stereotypical souvenirs we usually buy? The key chain- we attach it to our keys for a while, until it gets caught to our clothes and we end up hating it forever after. The mug with the Eiffel tower on the side? It’s probably collecting dirt in the cupboard, because let’s face … Continue reading 6 Maltese Things that you need to Take Home with you

5 Hip Vegan Restaurants/Cafes in Malta to Check Out This Summer

Summer is a perfect time to embark on lifestyle changes. While the Maltese Isles are renowned for their own local specialties and out–of-this-world seafood dishes, with the numbers in vegetarian and vegan community growing steadily, Malta’s vegan and vegetarian eateries have been booming with new popularity boasting exotic, summer-fresh and utterly yummy offers. For your … Continue reading 5 Hip Vegan Restaurants/Cafes in Malta to Check Out This Summer

5 of the Best Bars in Valletta

Apart from its cultural and historical features, Valletta offers a vast treasure in gastronomy and entertainment. Both locals and foreigners alike know that Valletta is the place to be on a Saturday night, or any night at all! Here are the top five best bars in Valletta- you’ll be aching for a whisky on the … Continue reading 5 of the Best Bars in Valletta

What’s On? Malta’s Summer Highlights 2019

Whilst winter is a great excuse for staying in with a hot cup of tea and some Netflix & Chill, summer is the perfect season for going out and having fun! Malta boasts of the best summer parties and events- from concerts to wine fests and cultural activities. Here’s the ultimate list of what to … Continue reading What’s On? Malta’s Summer Highlights 2019

5 ways to deal with a Maltese Summer

Malta is known for its warm, sunny, Mediterranean climate - with 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, there’s no denying that the sun will play a prominent role within your Malta holiday. As much as you might enjoy bringing back that “Hey everyone I was on holiday” tan as a souvenir, it is 2018, and … Continue reading 5 ways to deal with a Maltese Summer

Malta’s Hottest Beach Clubs: Summer 2019

Visiting Malta is an exciting experience pretty much any time of the year.  Yet to get a full scope of what a Maltese summer actually entails, you should definitely visit us during the months of June-September. Our summer months are a whirlwind of beach barbecues, pool parties, local feasts, music festivals, concerts and upscale soirees … Continue reading Malta’s Hottest Beach Clubs: Summer 2019

Exciting Events: Musts When Visiting Malta in Spring 2019

Late-spring-turning-into-summer in Malta is an exciting time, jam-packed with an array of festivals and a flurry of fun events. We have already covered the upcoming events in spring here.  But there are few more thrilling events, that we couldn't miss out! If you have the opportunity to visit Malta in April/May 2019, aside from heavenly … Continue reading Exciting Events: Musts When Visiting Malta in Spring 2019

What’s on? Malta Spring Highlights 2019

Maltese isles being one of the prime tourism spots in the Mediterranean cannot really complain about lack of excitement in any season. Yet like most other countries, springtime in Malta is awaited with a particular eagerness and delightful yearnings, as it truly is the most perfect time to enjoy the islands inside and out.  Aside … Continue reading What’s on? Malta Spring Highlights 2019

6 Most Magnificent Hidden Gems of Malta

The islands of Malta and Gozo are packed with history, culture and tradition, openly visible around villages and cities. However, there are some hidden gems worth viewing and visiting, but fair warning to you, dear reader- they’re not your typical tourist attractions! 1. Secret Passage in St. Gregory’s Church This Church, found within the outskirts … Continue reading 6 Most Magnificent Hidden Gems of Malta

Malta and Gozo Carnival week 2019

If you happen to be in Malta during the week of February 28-March 5, you are in for a real treat: The Malta Carnival festivities, which is one of the most anticipated and celebrated events of the year. The Maltese Carnival or Il-Karnival ta’ Malta is one of the oldest historical traditions dating back to … Continue reading Malta and Gozo Carnival week 2019

Malta Off-Season Fun During Rainy Days

Despite the island’s optimistic average calculation of 300 sunny days a year if you decide to visit Malta during the off-season, you might happen to hit a streak of windy and/or partially rainy days. Do not be disheartened by a bunch of ominous purple clouds announcing a potential storm. Yes even our stormy clouds possess … Continue reading Malta Off-Season Fun During Rainy Days

Off-Season Malta Outdoor Fun

Our beautiful islands have become a popular holiday destination all year round. If you happen to visit Malta during our off-season (usually January and February), chances are high that you will get to experience at least a couple of our glorious Mediterranean winter days. For this reason, we have compiled a list of fun activities … Continue reading Off-Season Malta Outdoor Fun

Malta/Gozo Christmas Highlights 2018

Coming from the far north in hopes for a Mojito and pool kinda Christmas Holidays? The Maltese Isles are close enough. The weather is usually mild and sunny round Christmas time with temps around 16-22 C (although we cannot guarantee it with absolute certainty), which is perfect for outdoor barbecues, or just chilling on a … Continue reading Malta/Gozo Christmas Highlights 2018

The Hidden Gems on Manuel Dimech Street

Upon your arrival in Malta you most likely will experience an avalanche of sightseeing offers. Since our vibrant and multifaceted island has much to offer in terms of nature, history, events, cuisine and wines, you may find it overwhelming to pick and choose. No need to worry or FOMO (have fear of missing out). Follow … Continue reading The Hidden Gems on Manuel Dimech Street

Mountain biking in Malta (Video)

Malta and Gozo offer unique cycling opportunities. Amazing scenery, narrow country lanes, quaint village streets and much more can be discovered when mountain biking along the several trails on the islands. Rent a mountain bike or book a private tour and discover the natural beauty our islands have to offer. Planning a trip to Malta? … Continue reading Mountain biking in Malta (Video)

Glassmaking at Ta’ Qali crafts village (Video)

Visit the Ta’ Qali crafts village and witness skilled craftsmen creating beautiful glass forms, amongst other crafts. Spend a relaxed afternoon here and take home a special memory of our islands. Planning a trip to Malta? Shortletsmalta.com is a perfect place to find a flat for rent in Malta. Discover and enjoy Malta and all its … Continue reading Glassmaking at Ta’ Qali crafts village (Video)

Malta’s Up-and-Coming Coffee Culture

As the cooler season is settling in, you are probably planning on spending some time getting lost in the labyrinths of winding city streets, admiring the unique Maltese architecture (a blend of Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine and British influences) and happily stumbling upon the one–of–a-kind coffee shops offering mouth-watering treats and really amazing coffee. If you … Continue reading Malta’s Up-and-Coming Coffee Culture

What’s on in October

The month of October is upon us, and with this Autumn month come long-awaited events! From the popular Notte Bianca in Valletta, to the romantic Birgu by Candlelight, this month presents some fantastic outings around our gorgeous island. Along with these annual events, the end of October brings forth the child-favourite holiday of Halloween. This … Continue reading What’s on in October

Irresistible Città Vittoriosa (Video)

Birgu, also known as ‘Città Vittoriosa’ is an old fortified city facing Valletta, and it’s the place where the Knights of St. John first settled. Not only is this small city bursting with history, architecture, and museums but it also has a beautiful marina with cafes and restaurants along the waterfront. Whether visiting during the … Continue reading Irresistible Città Vittoriosa (Video)

Autumn Magic in Gozo

With epic beach club parties signaling the end of summer season in Malta, you may be feeling that all the fun is over now. Yet do not despair, we have plenty of excitement in store for you this coming fall season. All you have to do is take the ferry over to the island of … Continue reading Autumn Magic in Gozo

Maltese Honey (Video)

Malta is renowned for it’s pure honey and it was a great pleasure meeting Arnold, who walked us through the process of producing this Maltese gold. Malta’s warm climate allows for a very rich honey production with 8 seasons of honey in one year. Make sure to try some genuine Maltese honey when visiting the … Continue reading Maltese Honey (Video)

What’s on in September?

Summer is almost over, and with September approaching, the end of those lazy beach days looms over us. Yet Malta isn’t ready to stop celebrating just yet! This month brings forth a vast selection of bustling activities and summery events which extend that holiday vibe. The festa season ends during this month too, making its … Continue reading What’s on in September?

Healthy and Delicious with a Mediterranean Twist

Aside from its natural “wonders” Malta is well-known for its hospitality and a myriad of culinary delights ranging from traditional Maltese dishes (a blend of Sicilian, Arabic, English, French and Spanish cuisine) countless home-made Italian pasta varieties, an abundance of fresh and delicious seafood choices to endless fresh salad concoctions that will satisfy the most … Continue reading Healthy and Delicious with a Mediterranean Twist

The Trendiest Fitness Clubs In Sliema and St.Julian’s Areas

Visiting the gorgeous Maltese Islands? Contemplating how to squeeze in a workout between dips in the Mediterranean, visits to ancient temples and medieval cities, sunsets on the top of a cliff and cocktails at a rooftop beach club? What if we told you, you can have all of the above and also stay in excellent … Continue reading The Trendiest Fitness Clubs In Sliema and St.Julian’s Areas

Marsaxlokk’s fish market (Video)

Traditional Luzzu’s and larger fishing boats line the picturesque coastline of Marsaxokk, Malta’s largest fishing village. This village is definitely worth visiting, especially on Sunday mornings when a large fish market is set up right by the coast. After a visit to the market, why not have lunch at some of the finest fish restaurants … Continue reading Marsaxlokk’s fish market (Video)

Visit Gozo: Five Stunning Beaches off the Beaten Path

Planning your visit to the island of Gozo? Thinking what are the best beaches for a cool summer dip in the Mediterranean waters? You have probably heard of the famous Ramla Bay that is known for its redish-orange sand and is a visitors’ must during your stay in Gozo. Surrounded by cliffs on both sides, … Continue reading Visit Gozo: Five Stunning Beaches off the Beaten Path

What’s on in August

August in Malta is one of the busiest and bustling months of the year – festas abound, outdoor events take place every weekend – there is always something to do in Malta during this sweltering summer month. The most prominent of all festas is undoubtedly the festa of the Assumption of Our Lady, or as … Continue reading What’s on in August

Malta’s Village Feasts (Video)

Brass bands, beautifully decorated churches, food stalls, and amazing fireworks. Malta’s summer months are characterised by traditional village feasts, or ‘festas’ which form an important part of the Maltese culture. If visiting Malta during the summer months, a visit to a festa is highly recommended! Upcoming feasts: Feasts s in Malta and Gozo in August … Continue reading Malta’s Village Feasts (Video)

Malta’s gorgeous chapels (Video)

Malta has about 400 churches and chapels, with small wayside chapels sprinkled along the countryside. The earliest chapels date back to the 12th century and used to serve the community of farmers in the area.Often hidden in plain sight, these historical gems are simple and modest buildings offering a quiet place for contemplation. If you’re keen … Continue reading Malta’s gorgeous chapels (Video)

FIFA Fever – Where to Watch the Final this Sunday

Stoked for the upcoming FIFA Final while holidaying in Malta? Who isn’t! If you’re still undecided on where to watch the game of the year this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Pembroke Image Source: https://expats.mt/event/the-world-cup-2018-pembroke-experience/ To make the most out of the Maltese Summer weather, The World Cup Malta 2018 Pembroke Beach Experience will provide … Continue reading FIFA Fever – Where to Watch the Final this Sunday

Aquatic Activities to try this Summer (Video)

Crystal clear waters, turquoise-aquamarine hues, and salty air are what summers are made of and we can’t wait to jump right in! Here are just a few ideas to get things started!   It’s no secret – summer in the Mediterranean is pretty amazing. What’s not to love? The long, sun-drenched days melt away into … Continue reading Aquatic Activities to try this Summer (Video)


Mdina, also known as the silent city served as Malta’s capital up until Medieval times. Whether touring this city on foot or taking a ride on board a carriage, you will be fascinated by it’s timeless atmosphere, architecture, and its cultural and religious treasures. Make sure not to miss a visit to one of Europe’s … Continue reading Mdina

What’s on in Malta this July

July is almost upon us in full summery swing, and with this sunny month come a variety of exciting events – some which are by now, summer staples, and some which are truly unique to this year. In between all the barbecues, all the sizzling beach days that this month is well known for, these … Continue reading What’s on in Malta this July

Comino and Blue Lagoon

Summer is with us and a day trip to Comino is a must. Explore this beautiful island’s natural beauty and swim in the crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon.  Comino and the Blue Lagoon The tiny Island of Comino is situated right in the middle of the channel that separates mainland Malta from the … Continue reading Comino and Blue Lagoon

Hagar Qim Temples (Video)

Visit Malta’s spectacular Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples. A UNESCO world heritage site, these stunning prehistoric structures were built thousands of years ago and must be seen to be appreciated. Make sure to plan a visit while you’re in Malta! Join Prehistoric Temples Tour to explore the best-preserved several ancient limestone temples in Malta. A Malta … Continue reading Hagar Qim Temples (Video)

Best Sunrise Spots on the Maltese Islands

We have already covered our islands’ best sunset-viewing spots, so it was only natural that we would also show you the best locations for witnessing grandiose sunrises. Dawn may not be as favoured a time of day, simply because many people would rather sleep for a couple of more minutes than wake up early. For … Continue reading Best Sunrise Spots on the Maltese Islands

Best places for sunset watching on the Maltese Islands

Sunsets are a gift at the end of each day, and Malta is surely blessed with some great spots where these daily marvels can be viewed. The best sunsets in Malta can be seen from the Western side of the islands, West being the direction in which the sun sets. Watching sunsets is a perfect … Continue reading Best places for sunset watching on the Maltese Islands

Mellieha (Video)

Located in the northern part of the island, Mellieha is not only about its magnificent views and beautiful sandy beaches. Old churches, a 16th-century sanctuary, quaint village streets, and perfectly preserved WWII shelters are only a few of the attractions which make up this unique location. The village is surrounded by crystal clear waters as … Continue reading Mellieha (Video)

Family Vacation Time!

Travelling with kids on a family vacation is a great way to bond and grow as a family. Now that summer is approaching and children worldwide can enjoy a time of relaxation school-free, many families decide to embark on a family adventure, and venture out into an unknown location for a much-needed family holiday. Travelling … Continue reading Family Vacation Time!