8 Places to Visit in Malta if you Love History

As home to temples other than the great pyramids of Giza themselves, Malta is an absolute goldmine for the history buffs out there. Maltese summers are made for golden tans and lazy days at the beach, but the rest of the year is perfect for really digging into our island’s rich, diverse history. From the … Continue reading 8 Places to Visit in Malta if you Love History

Mystical and Magical Places to Visit in Malta

Owing to their enigmatic and absolutely enthralling accounts of prehistoric temples, the Maltese Isles, also known as the Islands of Dreams (a book by Francis Xavier Aloisio) are internationally renowned for their unique and stunning natural beauty, their fascinating ancient history, their endless summers of golden sunsets and stark contrasts of turquoise and the Mediterranean … Continue reading Mystical and Magical Places to Visit in Malta

5 ways to deal with a Maltese Summer

Malta is known for its warm, sunny, Mediterranean climate - with 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, there’s no denying that the sun will play a prominent role within your Malta holiday. As much as you might enjoy bringing back that “Hey everyone I was on holiday” tan as a souvenir, it is 2018, and … Continue reading 5 ways to deal with a Maltese Summer

6 Most Magnificent Hidden Gems of Malta

The islands of Malta and Gozo are packed with history, culture and tradition, openly visible around villages and cities. However, there are some hidden gems worth viewing and visiting, but fair warning to you, dear reader- they’re not your typical tourist attractions! 1. Secret Passage in St. Gregory’s Church This Church, found within the outskirts … Continue reading 6 Most Magnificent Hidden Gems of Malta


Mdina, also known as the silent city served as Malta’s capital up until Medieval times. Whether touring this city on foot or taking a ride on board a carriage, you will be fascinated by it’s timeless atmosphere, architecture, and its cultural and religious treasures. Make sure not to miss a visit to one of Europe’s … Continue reading Mdina

Hagar Qim Temples (Video)

Visit Malta’s spectacular Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples. A UNESCO world heritage site, these stunning prehistoric structures were built thousands of years ago and must be seen to be appreciated. Make sure to plan a visit while you’re in Malta! Join Prehistoric Temples Tour to explore the best-preserved several ancient limestone temples in Malta. A Malta … Continue reading Hagar Qim Temples (Video)

(Video) The Cittadella

This week we cross over to our sister island: Gozo. The Citadel is a unique and ancient city which towers high above the island’s capital Victoria. This fortified city has recently undergone major restoration and is expected to be nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site. An amazing place that’s definitely worth a visit!   … Continue reading (Video) The Cittadella

The Roman Road – Exploring the Xemxija Heritage Trail

The magical thing about living in Malta is that history is always just around the corner. Whether you’re strolling down the streets of Valletta, wandering around Mdina, or marvelling at some of the oldest man-made structures in the world, history surrounds you everywhere you go. Xemxija, although mostly known for being a quaint seaside town … Continue reading The Roman Road – Exploring the Xemxija Heritage Trail

(Video) Under the City

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath your feet? A network of secret passages lies beneath our beautiful capital. Discover another world when visiting Valletta, Europe's capital of culture 2018. The cisterns are open to the public for the first time until 1st July as a part of major exhibition Dal-Baħar Madwarha (The Island is What the … Continue reading (Video) Under the City

St John’s Co-Cathedral – A Must-See in Valletta

Before visiting Malta, you will undoubtedly have done some research – places to visit, historical sites to see and so forth. In your search you will have come across a massive but quite plain looking church, located in the middle of Valletta, the European City of Culture 2018. St John’s Co-Cathedral should definitely be on … Continue reading St John’s Co-Cathedral – A Must-See in Valletta

Lesser Known Historical Sites in Malta

Malta is a history lover's paradise. This island has attracted a variety of ancient populations, each of whom left their mark on its stones. While some of these remains are quite known to the public and are visited regularly by tourists and locals, there are other sites which seem to lie low on travellers' radars. … Continue reading Lesser Known Historical Sites in Malta

Spooky Historic Sites in Malta

Malta's historic sites surely know how to pack a punch. They're ancient, they're beautiful, and some of them are downright spooky... Spooky, you might think? Yes, some of Malta's historical sites have some bloody backgrounds, some gory, gruesome details that are sometimes left out of the history books. Some of these spectral stories are based … Continue reading Spooky Historic Sites in Malta

5 Reasons to Visit Mdina this Week

Proudly perched on a natural plateau, the walled city of Mdina is one of the most beautiful historical locations on the Maltese Islands. Known to many as ‘The Silent City’, Mdina also goes by the names Città Notabile (The Noble City) and Città Vecchia (The Old City) and has been around since roughly the eighth … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Visit Mdina this Week

Malta by Night: 3 Magical Places to Visit

As sunny summer days shift into sultry nights, Malta comes alive with warm streetlights, twinkling starts spread across the sky, and the sound of energetic Maltese chatter as the whole island steps out to enjoy the cool evening air. Exploring Malta by night is probably one of the best things to do during the summer … Continue reading Malta by Night: 3 Magical Places to Visit

Night Tours in Malta

There’s a lot that can be said about Malta’s thriving nightlife, but that’s not exactly what this blog post is about. Whether you’re staying in Malta for a week or for several years, you’ll definitely find time to enjoy the island’s night time entertainment culture, whether you’re into clubs, concerts, or literally anything else under … Continue reading Night Tours in Malta

Malta’s Megalithic Temples

Our islands are home to a pretty substantial number of prehistoric temples known collectively as the Megalithic Temples of Malta.

Halloween in Malta: Yay or Nay?

A pile of pumpkins at the local vegetable vendor? Plastic eyeballs and brains centrally displayed in stationery windows? Children gleefully running around dressed in an assortment of costumes? It’s that time of year again. Halloween has been quite a recent addition to Maltese culture. Coinciding with the Catholic celebrations, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ … Continue reading Halloween in Malta: Yay or Nay?

Mysterious Malta – the conundrum beneath the stones

Malta has an extensive history, stretching further back than the ancient pyramids of Egypt, boasting some of the oldest structures in the world. However, although everyone has heard of the pyramids and of Stonehenge, very few people outside of the islands and outside of this field know about our prehistoric heritage. Given that our myriad … Continue reading Mysterious Malta – the conundrum beneath the stones

Legends from the Island – Mysteries and Myths of the Maltese

The ancient people of the Maltese islands had many stories and legends surrounding their history and ancestors. Most of these myths find their foundations in truth and historical facts, although they were then embellished every time they were handed down from generation to generation. Some of these legends are associated with well-known characters in Maltese … Continue reading Legends from the Island – Mysteries and Myths of the Maltese