6 Reasons to take up horse riding in Malta

Horses are without a doubt some of the most majestic, sensitive, and loving creatures in the animal world, and being able (and allowed) to ride one is definitely something of a privilege. If you’ve never tried horse riding before, here are just a few reasons why you should start! 1. You get to bond with … Continue reading 6 Reasons to take up horse riding in Malta

6 Fun Activities to do with Kids in Malta

Travelling with kids is quite a feat. From the very first moments of packing til the last car ride home, keeping children entertained can be somewhat difficult. That's why we have compiled a list of fun activities which you can enjoy with your kids, while on holiday in Malta! We're sure you'll find something which … Continue reading 6 Fun Activities to do with Kids in Malta

Offroad Biking in Malta

Biking in Malta does not always seem to be a popular mode of transport, and that’s pretty understandable considering that Maltese roads are usually quite busy, making biking a pretty risky option most of the time. If you want to get your biking fix, though, you can go for the road less travelled and book … Continue reading Offroad Biking in Malta

The Grid 2017: Malta’s Toughest Obstacle Race

‘Blood, sweat, and tears’. This phrase, coined by Sir Winston Churchill, is now associated with hard work of any kind, and we think that it’s absolutely appropriate when talking about The Grid, Malta’s most challenging obstacle race ever. We’d love to tell you that Grid participants can bypass the blood and tears component of it … Continue reading The Grid 2017: Malta’s Toughest Obstacle Race

Abseiling in Malta

Not many people might accept an invitation to go abseiling right away, especially if they’ve never attempted the sport before. You can’t really blame them – descending a rock face with the use of rope can be terrifying. That is, until you learn how safe it is when done properly. Abseiling is not as dangerous … Continue reading Abseiling in Malta