7 Things that make us Maltese

As the 21st of September is rolling by, we want to celebrate the anniversary of our independence from the British rule, and more particularly, our uniqueness- there’s no other nation like us. Face it, you love us. From the way we wake you up at 6am with our church bells, to the random “IL-LAMPUKI!” or … Continue reading 7 Things that make us Maltese

Il-Festa t-Tajba!!

Children scream in delight, zooming past with a handful of paper confetti in their hands. Fireworks spiral their way into the air, leaving behind a trail of gleaming light. Band players huff and puff away at their trumpets and trombones, the odd thump from the bass drum echoing. Vendors call out to eager buyers, proudly … Continue reading Il-Festa t-Tajba!!