Christmas Recipe Monday – Imbuljuta tal-Qastan

Happy Christmas! The day we've all been waiting for is finally here, and between preparing food, opening presents, and eating so much we're going to burst, we have found the time to show you one final Christmassy recipe - Imbuljuta tal-Qastan. This is not a food recipe per se, it is more of a mulled drink, … Continue reading Christmas Recipe Monday – Imbuljuta tal-Qastan

Carnival Treats You have to Try

It’s hard to pin down what makes Carnival such a lovable exercise in festivities, year after year. To anyone with a bout of scepticism, Carnival can seem rowdy, loud, gaudy and wild. To the optimistic eye, that is precisely the point – Carnival is not like any other time of the year. It’s a colourful … Continue reading Carnival Treats You have to Try

Carnival in Malta 2017: What Can You Expect?

This year, Carnival is taking place between the 24th and 28th of February, making this article a month early in the calendar. You might be perplexed by this, but considering how seriously the Maltese take Carnival, with some diehards working towards the event all year round, an announcement just a month prior sounds just about … Continue reading Carnival in Malta 2017: What Can You Expect?

NYE Parties You Can’t Miss

New Year's Eve in Malta - what to do, where to go to celebrate the start of the New Year while in Malta.

A Maltese Christmas Checklist

If you’re in Malta and need to get into the Christmas spirit we’ve come up with a checklist for things to look out for during the Christmas season in Malta.

Il-Festa t-Tajba!!

Children scream in delight, zooming past with a handful of paper confetti in their hands. Fireworks spiral their way into the air, leaving behind a trail of gleaming light. Band players huff and puff away at their trumpets and trombones, the odd thump from the bass drum echoing. Vendors call out to eager buyers, proudly … Continue reading Il-Festa t-Tajba!!