The Psychology of the Family Holiday

It is common knowledge that stress is a killer. When you are stressed, your body does not function properly, making you more prone to illness; your mind is over-worked and thus leads to making rash decisions; and you are simply not 100% there. Stress can ruin you, in every possible way. Fortunately there is a solution to combat this stressful predator – a break from everyday life and day-to-day routine, which provides a much needed rest for mind, body and soul. That is all well and good; I can hear you say, but what about the kids? True - what about the kids? Should holidays be child-free? Do parents deserve a break more than the children do? Would bringing the kids along actually increase stress levels? We sat down for a chat with Elaine Grech a therapist specialising in Family Issues, to get more insight about the love/hate relationship of the Family Holiday.