Mysterious Malta – the conundrum beneath the stones

Malta has an extensive history, stretching further back than the ancient pyramids of Egypt, boasting some of the oldest structures in the world. However, although everyone has heard of the pyramids and of Stonehenge, very few people outside of the islands and outside of this field know about our prehistoric heritage. Given that our myriad … Continue reading Mysterious Malta – the conundrum beneath the stones

The Psychology of the Family Holiday

It is common knowledge that stress is a killer. When you are stressed, your body does not function properly, making you more prone to illness; your mind is over-worked and thus leads to making rash decisions; and you are simply not 100% there. Stress can ruin you, in every possible way. Fortunately there is a solution to combat this stressful predator – a break from everyday life and day-to-day routine, which provides a much needed rest for mind, body and soul. That is all well and good; I can hear you say, but what about the kids? True - what about the kids? Should holidays be child-free? Do parents deserve a break more than the children do? Would bringing the kids along actually increase stress levels? We sat down for a chat with Elaine Grech a therapist specialising in Family Issues, to get more insight about the love/hate relationship of the Family Holiday.