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Or take your pick from the results below:

Luxurious Villa


Only the best will do for you, and you make sure to have the best even during your travels. Your holidays are centred around utmost relaxation, a true break from the stresses of everyday life, somewhere you can forget your troubles.. Luxury is a must and is a staple in your vocabulary. Think infinity pools, indoor pool, sauna, decadent decor, enormous spaces and impeccable views.

Check out Shortletsmalta Ltd’s Villa Carob Hill, a study in excellence and modernity, housing all the best facilities to ensure a 5-star stay: http://shortletsmalta.com/094_Villa_Carob_Hill.html

Historical House


You are a history buff, your travels are mostly centred around historical sites, museums and exhibitions, and you long to know the story behind every stone. Your ideal vacation home would be an old castle, or a refurbished historical building. Although you would rather explore the history of wherever you travel to, you need a place to rest after a hard day’s learning. An antique, historical residence provides you with enough history to keep you entertained while you get some rest!

Check out Shortletsmalta Ltd’s Valletta House, a 16th century building converted into a magnificent vacation home: http://shortletsmalta.com/062_Waterfront_Valletta_House

Modern Luxury Apartment


You like your holidays with a touch of class – modern decor, clean cut lines, neutral palette. You like the finer things in life, and you prefer to maintain that ideal even (or more so!) while you’re on holiday. You might have expensive taste, but you would choose utmost comfort over bare necessities any day. Your holidays are mainly centred around lounging, shopping, and fine dining (with some more lounging thrown in there for good measure)

Check out Shortletsmalta Ltd’s Tigne Apartment for modern luxe in the heart of the town: http://shortletsmalta.com/065_Outstanding_Tigne_3-bedroom_Apt

Sea-View Apartment


You like waking up to the sound of the waves, and peering out your window to check the sea conditions before heading out for the day. Your travels are based on best beaches, best diving spots, bluest seas and clearest waters. Hey, we’ve all got a little bit of mermaid in us, nothing wrong with embracing this side of your personality! A modest sea-view apartment would suit you best as it would give you a serene back drop while you rest your feet.

Check out Shortletsmalta Ltd’s Bayview Apartment for some breath-taking blue: http://shortletsmalta.com/039_Fantastic_St’Julians_2-bedroom_Apt

Modest Apartment


You prefer the simple things in life – you are not bothered with frills and fancies, you just need a place to rest you head when exploring time is over! Your travels are steered by your thirst for adventure and your keen interest of exploring new places. A modest apartment, with no added frills but which includes all the needed amenities would suit you best!

Check out Shortletsmalta Ltd’s Muriel Apartment for something that will surely suit your style! : http://shortletsmalta.com/Sliema_1-bedroom_apartment.html

Visit http://www.shortletsmalta.com for a wider selection of holiday rental properties!

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