“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Most people in the modern world will have flown on a plane at least once in their life, and everyone will have his own personal reaction to the experience of flying. For some people, it’s exhilarating, for others terrifying. For many, it’s a rather mundane experience, which is pretty understandable considering that most people are ordinary passengers who don’t have do anything but sit down, read the in-flight magazine and eat their questionable complementary meal.

flight 1.gif
What if you get to take control of an aircraft for a little while, though? That completely changes the average person’s relationship to flying. While it might sound scary, we definitely encourage anyone with even the slightest hunger for adventure to give a trial flight a go!

flight 2.gif

There are two main reasons why we encourage the experience so much. The first is there’s an unmatchable rush of adrenaline that occurs in such an adventure. A lot of the activities we promote tend to be adrenaline-filled, but this is arguably one of the most unique things we’ve ever vouched for, and the thrill is really on another level as a result. The adrenaline might definitely be a product of fear, and while the scariness of the situation will be present, but you will of course be supervised every step of the way and so your safety will be a top priority on your trial flight.

The second reason hits a little closer to home in the very literal sense. Though you can enjoy a trial flight in many countries around the world, we are of course a Maltese organisation, and are recommending the activity as one to take up specifically while in Malta! Getting the chance to experience Malta from an aerial point of view is truly magical, and while you’ll have you keep your eyes on the sky, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy all the sights below you.

flight 3.gif

If you’re pining for your next (or first ever) trial flight, you can book directly through https://www.funmalta.com/trial-flights. You can choose from four different packages at different price points based on your preferences. You can opt for the introductory flight that lasts 30 minutes, the group flight in which everybody gets a turn, the extended flight, or the premium flight that lasts a whole 75 minutes. All four options have one thing in common: you’ll be exposed to gorgeous sights, and (comfortably) dizzying heights!

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