As the cooler season is settling in, you are probably planning on spending some time getting lost in the labyrinths of winding city streets, admiring the unique Maltese architecture (a blend of Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine and British influences) and happily stumbling upon the one–of–a-kind coffee shops offering mouth-watering treats and really amazing coffee. If you happen to be a genuine coffee lover (not a worshiper of over-tired chain coffees shops), let us guide you to Malta’s must–try coffee places. Of course, we will also tell you where the yummiest pastries are.

Chocolate District, Valletta

Chocolate District is a gourmet chocolate shop with an impressive selection of hot chocolate blends and exotic coffee concoctions, which include inspired regional coffees: Bicerin (origin: Turin, Italy) is a mix of coffee and rich melted chocolate typically drunk from a shooter glass.

Vietnamese coffee is a strong brew sweetened with generous amounts of condensed milk. Looking for an authentic local treat? Try Maltese coffee, a strong blend enlivened with cloves, roasted chicory and aniseeds: your perfect fall spice mix and definitely more exotic than a generic pumpkin spice latte. Maltese coffee is also available in packages to take with as a souvenir.

Craving something rich and decadent? Definitely explore the abundant hot chocolate varieties. Cinnamon, mint and caramel are available in dark or white melts. Spicy chilly, orange zest and coconut only in dark. And of course, there is always the classic white and classic dark.

Feeling like an extraordinary treat? Give a try to the Royal White Express: creamy and rich white chocolate, caramel and coffee mix.

Note that all dark or white chocolate drinks contain the finest Belgian chocolate melts (no powders).

Looking for coffee alternatives? Ask for one of the Chocolate District’s exotic tea blends. For health nuts there are turmeric, matcha and chai lattes to choose from blended with soya, almond or coconut milk.

Enjoy the drink of your choice while sampling from the largest assortment of loose chocolate and learning about cacao, coffee, chocolate production and fair trade standards. And don’t forget to take some chocolate with you, a little something to remember this quaint little back-street chocolate shop by.

Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters, Valletta

Lot Sixty One Roasters, a franchise with origins in New York, London and Amsterdam, has revolutionized and revamped the Malta coffee scene. Since Lot Sixty One have faithfully abided by their commitment to serve the freshest, most aromatic, locally roasted and tastiest coffee, the coffee snobs seem to have been silenced a bit.

Lot Sixty One get their finest green beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya and Ethiopia, which are then locally roasted, ground and turned into a truly magic coffee experience by creative, friendly and professional baristas. Whether you just want a quick and strong espresso, an Americano on the go or would like to linger a bit enjoying one of their signature drinks or their exotic cold brews (Kyoto Cold Brew, New Orleans or Espresso Tonic, a beloved refreshment worldwide and a novelty in Malta), Lot Sixty One is the place for you! Located within the beautiful historic district of Valletta, this place exudes a happy hipster vibe yet is also welcoming to the more polished yuppie crowd. For tired and thirsty tourists with backpacks and children in tow, there is a spacious and comfy outside seating area (as indoors can get quite crammed) where you can sit, enjoy a drink and a snack while watching the city life of Valletta unfold in front of you.

The Legendary Caffee Berry, Sliema

Caffee Berry was a pioneer in introducing Malta to the real brew: 100% Blue Arabica: invitingly fragrant, rich in flavor, yet smooth and subtle at the same time. 100% Blue Arabica means 100% pure coffee beans free of additives, chemicals and artificial flavors.

Looking for something less traditional? You have come to the right place. Caffee Berry’s one-of a-kind coffee concoctions paired with a wide array of delectable home-baked organic cakes, pastries, cookies and other healthy and yummy treats, will guarantee you a café experience to remember (vegan and gluten-free options are always available). Berrychino, Pistachio Latte, Berrychino Hazelnut Latte and their summer hits: Iced Hazelnut and Iced Pistachio Mocha are an absolute must as these Caffee Berry’ s signature drinks made the little blue café famous allover the island. Indulge yourself! Vacation is not the time to diet. Order that Iced Pistachio Mocha available all year round on this perpetual summer island.

Not feeling like indulging? Maybe you’d like to try one of their healthier spin-offs: their power lattes available in beetroot, turmeric, ginger or spirulina with non-dairy milk varieties.Other yummy, non-coffee choices include teas, fresh fruit smoothies, and an abundance of health-inducing green juices.

It should be noted that Caffee Berry serves best freshly squeezed orange juice on the whole island, which as the owner explained, requires a special kind of sweet orange from Sicily: the only kind she orders for her orange juice.

Intrigued? Stop by Caffee Berry and spend an unforgettable morning at the little blue coffee shop, sipping their delicious brew, chatting with the owner who is passionate about everything coffee and will teach you all you need to know about her high quality produce. Take in the Sliema morning vibe by getting to know the local Caffee Berry community. They are a fascinating bunch, a mix of locals and expats, each with a mind-blowing story, eager to share what brought them to this exotic Mediterranean island and what life is like here.

The Pastry Park, Sliema

If you happen to stumble upon this Tiffany blue corner café in Sliema, you will find yourself in pastry paradise: exquisite selection of cakes, freshly made still warm raspberry croissants, a generous assortment of macaroons, exotic éclair varieties and their fruit tarts are simply sublime!

Try one of these fabulous creations with a cup of their specialty coffee, which is excellent by the way as they get their coffee supply from Lot Sixty One (please see above).
Not into sweets? Try one of their savory snacks served on their home-made sourdough artisan bread.

Pastry Park is your perfect little haven of peace smack dab in the middle of the busy streets of Sliema. Whether you need a break from a busy day of sight-seeing or you’re just winding down from a shopping spree, step into the cozy welcoming ambiance of this little café, take a moment to enjoy their exquisite coffee or a good strong cuppa. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Zwiit Cravings Café, St. Julian’s

Feeling inspired? Zwiit Cravings, a newly opened, quirky café quite literally one foot in St. Julian’s and the other in Sliema, lets you create your own prefect dessert.

Your base choices are waffles, hollow churros or donuts, which you can customize with pretty much every topping under the sun: creams, jams, sauces, sprinkles, candy, chocolates, ice cream. Don’t worry, going overboard is encouraged! This is the place to create the sweet treat of your dreams. If you have kids, they will want to come back to Malta just to visit Zwiit Cravings again.

Not into over-the-top sweet desserts? Try their plain churros (slightly enhanced with sugar and cinnamon), which we can assure you will be worth the calorie intake.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed with so many enticing choices? Go for one of their daily surprise creations, all of which are made fresh on the spot, full of delectable goodness and with out-of-this-world flavor combos.

Been looking for an authentic Maltese treat? You have got to try the beloved Maltese dessert imqaret: a deep-fried pastry infused spices and filled with dates. You can enjoy this deliciousness with ice cream or one of their many colorful, flavorful toppings. Not sure how to choose? Ask the staff, as they are very happy to chat with their customers and love to explain how the sweets are made and which toppings to pair. And do not forget to order a fragrant cup of coffee to balance all that sweetness abundance.

Embrace our mild Mediterranean fall, relax and unwind by visiting at least one of our eclectic coffee/pastry shops. We promise, it will leave a lingering sweet taste and a fond memory of our island. And stay tuned. There is more excitement in store for those of you visiting this fall/Christmas season.

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