Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stop off for a pre-party cocktail or you need a perfect place for an evening hideaway to enjoy a decent draft beer or good quality wine, there’s a worthy drinking spot to suit every taste. Scroll on to discover the finest cocktail/wine bars the Island has to offer. Cheers!

Alchemy Cocktail Bar, Valletta


Located on the legendary Straight Street also formerly known as “The Gut”, Alchemy is an exclusive high-end cocktail bar. Their gifted and passionate mixologist Attila Felhösi and his team of mixology experts promise you a truly sensational, once-in-a-lifetime mixology experience. Do not believe us? Try one of their seven extraordinary exotic flavor combos such as Forbidden Fruit (rum, poppy seed infused Bajtra, strawberry verjus and cubeb pepper), Innocence (fresh apple juice, walnut syrup, rose water and sencha) or Elements (Cognac, Alchemy’s eucalypt bitter, beetroot juice and mandarin ash) to name a few. Have the exotic combos enticed you to check out the bar for yourself? We will have you know that aside from a first-class cocktail tasting, tucked in the midst of beautifully preserved medieval buildings of Valletta, Alchemy Cocktail Barprovides a cozy ambiance of exclusivity and enchantment.

Café Society, Valletta


A popular venue for networking of artists, Café Society has an irresistible vibe. Stop by for some cool tunes, late-night dancing and original summer cocktails infused with fresh herbs. Chat with their host Tom who offers a joke and a welcoming smile to everyone of his customers. Sip your drinks under a blanket of starry skies while sitting on the stairs and watching the lively nightlife of Valletta unfold in front of you.

Level 22, St. Julian’s


Fancy a swanky cocktail at an exclusive venue with a stunning view? Level 22 is then most certainly a place for you. Located on the 22nd floor of the Portomaso Business Tower, this ultra-chic lounge/club, is one of Malta’s most elegant and luxurious entertainment establishments. Enjoy a glass of quality wine or champagne while lounging comfortably with the views of the island at your feet or dance the weekend away to great music while refreshing yourself with their signature cocktails such as Grey Angel, Blue Haze or Golden Girl. Reserving a table for groups is recommended as the place does get crowded particularly on weekends. Moreover, first class VIP service is always available if need be.

Cork’s Bar, St.Julian’s


Although often mixed up with the Cork’s Irish Bar in St. Julian’s, Cork’s Bar,located at the start of Birkirkara Street on Balluta Bay, is actually a homey, one-of–kind hangout place for unique personalities who are passionate about art, great live music and philosophy, lively stimulating chats and everything non-generic. If you are looking for cheap beer, big TV screen with football matches, live World Cup or just want to be buried in checking your mobile, this bar is not gonna be your cup of tea as you will inevitably be chatted up by the one of their charming owners or their regulars. Aside from a wonderful atmosphere resembling times gone by, the bar is famous for their authentic cocktail menu with enticing names and fresh ingredients (all juice-containing cocktails are made with freshly squeezed juices) served in vintage glasses to add a bit of flair. The bottom line: Cork’s Bar is an excellent place for enjoying music, quality drinks and connecting to others.

The Bridge Bar, Valletta


In the mood for a relaxing evening with some jazz tunes? The Bridge Bar jamming sessions have been attracting musicians and jazz lovers from all over Europe. Owing to its unique, live-music ambiance and its truly romantic location on the bridge close to Victoria Gate, this cozy hangout has become THE gathering point for both locals and foreigners. Not really a jazz fan? Not to worry, cozy up with a hearty platter of Mediterranean goodies or some tapas, grab a bottle of quality red wine and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the magical Valletta from your comfy vantage point. We particularly recommend the platter and red-wine combo for the chillier and rainier winter months.

Wine O’Clock, Valletta


The Wine O’Clock wine bar: another wonderfully cozy winter option for wine lovers willing to try local wines or pick from the top notch foreign ones. The bar also offers wine and spirit tastings for small groups led by experienced hosts. Aside from a fantastic wine selection, the bar provides delicious cheese and cold cut platters as well as numerous hot food options ideal for chilly, rainy days. Recently they have also introduced the first Maltese organic wine into their menu with delicious side nibbles of baked ricotta and varieties of cheeses from Gozo and France. After all the city of Valletta is a perfect place for sampling art, culture, great food and wine.

Hole In The Wall, Sliema



Located in the heart of the city, Hole In The Wall constitutes one of Sliema’s quirkier and more authentic hangout spots. Yet at the same time it is super chilled and friendly to all who happen to wander in. Aside from occasional live music events, the pub is famous for their board games, trivia nights and an abundance of interesting (yet totally good natured and harmless) characters, who will most definitely strike up conversation with you. Linking up with businessmen, artists and misfits alike over an abundant selection of beers, cocktails and let us not forget their one-of-a-kind toastie creations, will definitely add color and excitement to your Malta experience.

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