Breakfast- the most important meal of the day. That is the undisputed fact. But what if I tell you- it can be the best meal of the day? Here are the top five places in Malta, for the best breakfasts of your entire life!

1. Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar

Palazzo Parisio (also known as Scicluna Palace) is the perfect setting for some fancy breakfast in a fantasy setting. Situated in the “Luna” restaurant in a classic, historic, Maltese Palazzo in Naxxar, get ready to feel like royalty, and, more importantly, satisfied royalty. Heads up- their eggs benedict are bound to get you “eggs-cited”!

2.    Debbie’s Cafe’, Mellieha

Located in everyone’s favourite seaside village, Debbie’s Cafe’ is the perfect venue for your worst hangovers. Their breakfasts can be sweet (like a good, syrup-y french toast) or savoury (a packed English breakfast, perhaps?), this cafe’ has something for everyone. You absolutely cannot miss out on this gem!

3.     Mint, Sliema

Mint is a renowned health-hub, and their breakfasts are guaranteed to deliver high energy and all the nutrients you’ll need to get on with your day! Situated by the Sliema waterfront, it has the perfect setting to start your day right. Bonus tip: try one of their natural, fresh juices- guaranteed to make you want more!


4. Emma’s Kitchen, San Gwann

This trendy, homey breakfast spot is centrally located in San Gwann, giving you zero excuses not to go. Emma’s Kitchen is another contender for the top healthy breakfast place in Malta- try out their poached eggs on avocado toast, or their Turkish eggs with chilli oil and flakes- talk about a kick to get you going!

5.Tony’s Bar, Sliema

Craving a good old-fashioned English breakfast, packed with beans, eggs, bacon, sausage and buttered toast (omg I am actually drooling all over my keyboard)? Head over to Tony’s Bar – another cafe’ that’s situated on the seafront, giving you views for days. Whether you’re super hungover from the night before, or you’re just very, very hungry (shout out to all the foodies out there), head over to Tony’s and satisfy that craving!

6. Manouche, St. Julians

Manouche is quite a “newby” to the breakfast joint scene, but boy did it make an impression! This craft bakery does its own bread, its own pastries, its own everything! Whether you’re looking for a savoury scrambled egg, or even a healthy granola bowl, Manouche has everything you’ll ever need for a proper breakfast. Oh, did I mention that their cronuts are absolutely divine? Yum!

7.Danny’s, Qormi

Also a “new-ish” snack bar, this place may seem like your typical worker’s bar, but it is run by one of the most detail oriented, talented chefs on the Maltese Islands. The place is run by a father and son team, Danny and JP, who vow to give you quality with every single bite consumed. Try their Nutella french toast if you’re in the mood for some real decadence!

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