Horses are a very big part of Maltese culture. Sometimes our relationship with horses meets a few raised eyebrows by the international community, especially since Malta is one of the countries that finds eating horse meat acceptable (but this is not the space for that ethical debate).

Ultimately, the truth is that the Maltese love their fellow neigh-bours (we take no responsibility for any groaning incurred through this pun). If you want to get in on the horse-love, horse riding is an excellent place to start, and it’s a pretty common activity in Malta that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

horse 2.jpg

Photo credit: Golden Bay Horse Riding

Why opt for horse riding, though? Isn’t it better to simply admire horses without climbing on top of them and having them trot with your added weight?

horse 4

The truth is that horse riding is an activity that, when done right, can benefit both the horse and the rider. Think about our relationship with dogs – a relationship built across millennia that makes our canine connection special. Our relationship with horses is very similar, in the sense that humans have ridden horses since the two species existed in the same evolutionary period. When horses are treated with kindness, riding them can make for a very connected experience.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Experts have provided much insight as to how and why horse riding can be beneficial to both the horse and the person riding it. On a personal level, horse riding promotes skills that involve coordination, balance, timing and rhythm. It also provides mental and physical relaxation and so works as a means of de-stressing while also boosting your physical abilities.

The same benefits are observable in the horses, so while you might feel that riding beloved equestrians might be oppressive, the truth is that when done right they will become happier mentally and physically.

The question, of course, now is where to get your horse riding fix in Malta. We’ll happily direct you to Golden Bay Horse Riding, a horse riding service provider in the Mellieha area that been active since 1981. With 32 years of experience you can bet that Golden Bay Horse Riding is fully equipped to help you trot with ease. Indeed, the company has come a long way since its first year, when siblings Beverley and Mario Frendo only had a 4-horse stable.

Golden Bay Horse Riding take great pride in the care of their horses. They’re not kept in the sun, and never let them carry a weight that exceeds 95 kilos.

horse 3.jpg

Photo credit: Golden Bay Horse Riding

There are lots of options at Golden Bay Horse Riding, including hour long rides as well as sunset rides – and all of this is offered at very reasonable prices. You don’t even need to leave the kids behind, as anyone aged 5 onwards is welcome to participate. Do note, though, that booking has to be made 2 days prior to the ride. This gives you plenty of opportunity to plan out the rest of the day – you can go for a swim at the Golden Bay beach after, or grab a drink from one of the numerous nearby cafés.
If you’re ready for your horse riding experience, head over to, where you can get more information about Golden Bay Horse Riding (including prices), and make your booking directly.

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