St Julian’s is Malta’s most concentrated touristic and entertainment hub, buzzing with tourists and locals, especially during the summer months. It might seem impossible to picture a quiet spot in this city of the night, however, there are some quaint places which won’t be as crowded as the Paceville steps, or St George’s bay at any hour of a summer day. Need a breather from all the partying? Then check out these 5 calming, and mostly uncrowded spots!

1. The small beach off of Wilga Street (overlooking Dragonara Casino)

You can start your journey in Paceville, the so-named city of peace, which is truly anything but. Stroll down Wilga Street until its very end and you’ll end up in a small but pretty rocky beach, overlooking the flashing ‘Casino’ sign. This beach is a far cry from the stifling, huddled flock that St George’s Bay becomes from the earliest signs of summer (that is, April). Although it does still attract some people, it is a much quieter option. It can also be spectacularly beautiful during the Winter, when crashing waves upon the rocks make beautiful displays.

2. The Millennium Chapel

I am sure that most of the people visiting St Julian’s and Paceville have no idea that the area is home to an oasis of peace, which in itself is housed in a modern architectural masterpiece by the famed Richard England. Found on the aptly named Triq il-Knisja (Church Street), the Millennium Chapel is open day and night and welcomes anyone needing a moment of quiet in the fast-paced tempo of the town outside its doors. Regardless of religion, this modern marvel is a sight to see, if only for its architectural value.

3. Hilton Yacht Marina

A couple of hundred metres straight on from the Chapel, as you come to the roundabout, you’ll notice a staircase on your left, leading to Portomaso Marina. This delightful area hosts a multitude of restaurants – perfect for a spot of lunch – and offers some serious yacht eye-candy. Grab a bite to eat and stroll around the luxury yachts after lunch, where you can savour the serenity of this little microcosm in the heart of busy St Julian’s.

4. Walk along Spinola Bay

As you exit Portomaso Marina, take the first left on the roundabout, leading you down to Triq Spinola. From here you can go further down to the coast, for a picturesque view of Spinola Bay, the more traditional side of St Julian’s. From here you’ll also get a beautiful view of the whole Balluta and Spinola area, perfect for some dazzling photos of the Mediterranean! This area is also known for its cat village, which is exactly what its name implies – a feline-friendly space where you can interact with some gorgeous kitties!

5. People-watching at Pjazza Balluta

Grab a coffee and find a comfortable bench from where you can admire the diverse architecture at Balluta Bay, as well as the motley crowds of passers-by strolling along the seaside. Balluta Bay is in itself a charming sight to behold, and the wide varieties of people which walk its banks make it an even more interesting location!

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